Must-Have Accessories for Stand Up Paddleboarding

When venturing into the world of stand-up paddleboarding, especially with an inflatable SUP, having the right accessories can significantly enhance your experience. Beyond the essentials that likely came with your paddle board, there are additional accessories that can elevate your paddling adventures, offer more convenience, and ensure safety. Here are some recommended accessories to consider for your inflatable paddle board:


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Electric Pump

While many inflatable SUPs come with a manual pump, an electric pump can save time and energy. It can inflate your board to the required PSI effortlessly, allowing you to conserve your energy for paddling. 3. Waterproof Phone Case Stay connected and safe without risking water damage to your phone. A waterproof phone case is essential for taking photos, using GPS apps, or in case of emergencies.


Repair Kit

While inflatable SUPs are durable, having a repair kit on hand is wise for handling unexpected punctures or leaks, ensuring your adventures aren't cut short.


Dry Bag

top brands are sand proof for standup paddle board

Keep your belongings dry and secure with a dry bag. Ideal for storing extra clothing, food, and electronics, dry bags are a must-have for longer excursions.

Fishing Rod Holder

For those who enjoy fishing from their paddle board, a fishing rod holder can be easily attached to the D-rings of your inflatable SUP. It enhances the paddleboarding experience by combining the joys of paddling and fishing. 


Action Camera Mount

Capture your adventures with an action camera mount that can attach to your board or helmet. It's perfect for recording your journeys or creating content for social media.


Anchor Kit

An anchor kit is useful for SUP yoga, fishing, or simply taking a break on the water. It helps to keep your board in one place amidst currents or winds.


SUP Light

For those who enjoy early morning or late evening paddles, a SUP light can be attached to your board for better visibility. It's essential for safety and allows you to navigate in low-light conditions.


Carry Strap or Cart

A carry strap or cart makes transporting your inflatable SUP from your car to the water much easier, especially if you have a longer walk or if you're carrying additional gear.


Floating sunglasses

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Floating sunglasses are one of the best SUP accessories for inflatable paddle boards or hard boards because they offer protection offer UV protection which can help to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. Paddle boarding is an outdoor activity that often involves being exposed to the sun as you cover longer and longer distances, which can lead to eye damage and discomfort without proper protection.

Sunglasses also offer enhanced visibility. Wearing waterproof sunglasses with polarized lenses can also enhance your visibility in the water. By reducing glare and increasing contrast, you may be able to see more clearly beneath the surface of the water, which can be especially helpful if you're trying to navigate through shallow or rocky areas.

We have lost many a pair of sunglasses at the bottom of our local lakes so paying the extra money for a pair of floating sunglasses is a wise investment.


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On a beautiful summer day it is important to bring sunscreen when paddle boarding because you are likely to be exposed to the sun's heavy duty UV rays for an extended period of time. Paddle boarding often takes place on open water, which can reflect and intensify the sun's rays, leading to sunburn and skin damage. Sunscreen with a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) can help to protect your skin from UV radiation and reduce the risk of skin cancer, premature aging, and other skin damage. Applying sunscreen before and during your paddle board session can also help to prevent painful and uncomfortable sunburn, allowing you to enjoy your time on the water without discomfort or health risks. In summary, bringing sunscreen on your paddle board is essential for protecting your skin and staying safe and healthy while enjoying the outdoors.


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Wearing a hat while paddle boarding can provide several benefits and protections. One of the main benefits of wearing a hat is sun protection. A hat can provide shade to your face, ears, and neck, protecting these areas from the sun's harmful UV rays. Paddle boarding often takes place in open water or beaches where the sun can be intense and reflective, which can cause sunburns and increase the risk of skin damage and skin cancer. A hat with a wide brim can be particularly effective in providing shade to your face and neck. Additionally, wearing a hat can also provide protection from wind, which can cause your hair to tangle and your skin to become dry and irritated. A hat can help to keep your hair and scalp covered and protected from the wind, reducing the risk of damage and discomfort. Overall, wearing a hat while paddle boarding is a simple and effective way to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays and stay comfortable on the water.

paddle board strap and board bags

SUP Cooler

fishing rod holder has many benefits

A SUP cooler can be strapped to your board, allowing you to bring along snacks and beverages for a day on the water. Some coolers also serve as an additional seat or a fishing station.

Waterproof Phone Case

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Stay connected and safe without risking water damage to your phone. A waterproof phone case is essential for taking photos, using GPS apps, or in case of emergencies.

Deck Bag

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A deck bag attaches to your board and offers easy access to essentials like sunscreen, hydration packs, and snacks without needing to return to shore.



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By equipping your inflatable paddle board with these recommended accessories, you're not just preparing for safety and convenience; you're also unlocking new ways to enjoy your time on the water, whether it's through extended expeditions, SUP yoga, fishing, or simply exploring with peace of mind.