Benefits of inflatable paddle boards.

Inflatable paddle boards (also known as iSUPs) have gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Here are some of the benefits of owning an inflatable paddle board.


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Inflatable paddle boards are incredibly easy to transport compared to traditional hard boards. They can be deflated, folded and packed into a small bag or backpack, making them ideal for travel and outdoor adventures.

2.) Durability:

hard paddle boards are hard to transport, a hard paddle board takes lots of room and a hard board does not feel as good to fall on unlike inflatable sups,inflatable paddleboards are easy and soft.

Despite being inflatable, modern iSUPs are incredibly durable and can withstand a variety of conditions, including rocky shores and fast-moving currents. This makes them suitable for a range of water activities, such as paddling, fishing, and even whitewater rafting.

3.) Versatility:

most inflatable paddle boards and inflatable sup boards are not suited for whitewater, get a Glide Lochsa inflatable stand up board.

Inflatable paddle boards are versatile and can be used for a variety of activities, including touring, yoga, and even surfing. This makes them a great choice for individuals looking for a multi-purpose watercraft.

4.) Stability:

inflatable paddle boards take minimal storage space and are fun for sup surfing many paddle boarders prefer an inflatable sup board

Inflatable paddle boards are generally more stable than hard boards, making them ideal for beginners and those who are not confident on the water. Additionally, the added stability of an iSUP also makes it a great choice for families with children, as it provides a safer platform for kids to play on.

5.) Affordability:

No roof rack needed, catch waves or paddle flat water with inflatable sup's and have fun on local beaches,Glide has the right board for you from catching waves and will give you a serious advantage when stand up paddle boarding

Inflatable paddle boards are typically more affordable than traditional hard boards, making them an accessible option for a wider range of people.

6.) Ease of use:

Glide inflatable paddle boards have distinct advantages, are easily transported and have a significant impact on preserving the enviorment

Inflatable paddle boards are easy to inflate and set up, and can be ready to use in just a few minutes. This makes them ideal for those who want to hit the water quickly and don't have a lot of time to set up their gear.

7.) Eco-Friendly:

A hard sup can become damaged by a sharp object and may not be possible to bring when air travel is involved, most paddlers prefer inflatables,most people enjoy the performance and ability to carry them in the car body

Inflatable paddle boards are generally more environmentally friendly than traditional hard boards, as they use fewer materials in their production and do not contribute to the plastic pollution problem in our oceans.

In conclusion, inflatable paddle boards offer a range of benefits, from portability and durability to versatility and affordability. Whether you're a seasoned paddler or a beginner looking to get into the sport, an inflatable paddle board is a great investment that will provide you with many years of enjoyment on the water. So, if you're in the market for a new watercraft, consider an iSUP for your next outdoor adventure!