Glide Lightweight Paddleboards

Glide Paddle Boards introduces an unparalleled lineup of lightweight inflatable SUPs, crafted for adventurers who demand durability without compromise. Our boards blend premium materials, meticulous design, and advanced construction techniques to deliver unmatched performance across any waterway. Whether you're planning to SUP camp in remote locations, hike to hidden lakes, or enjoy a serene yoga session on the water, Glide's inflatable paddle boards are your steadfast companions through sun, rain, or snow.


Key Highlights

  1. Versatility: Designed for diverse activities, from serene paddling to adventurous SUP yoga and ocean surfing, ensuring a board for every type of paddler.
  2. Durability: Crafted with quadruple-layer military-grade PVC and a woven drop-stitch core for unmatched resilience in various conditions.
  3. Performance: Thanks to stiffening techniques and premium materials, Glide's inflatable boards rival solid boards in stability, speed, and responsiveness.
  4. Featured Boards:
    • Glide 02 Retro: A lightweight all-around board with a 400 lbs weight capacity, ideal for companions or extra gear, featuring a full-length deck pad and a removable center fin for varied paddling conditions.
    • Glide 02 Quest: A touring board designed for speed and efficiency, perfect for long-distance exploration, racing, or upstream paddling, with enhanced stability for carrying gear or companions.
  5. Inclusive Package: Each board comes with a backpack with rolling wheels, an adjustable paddle, a coil leash, a high-capacity pump, a removable fin setup, a repair kit, a kayak seat, and a carry strap, providing everything needed for your adventures.

Why Choose Glide Lightweight Paddle Boards?

  • Versatility: Glide boards are designed for more than just paddling in calm waters. They're built to accompany you on outdoor adventures, from river running to ocean surfing, and even SUP yoga.
  • Durability: Unlike other lightweight SUPs that may sacrifice durability for weight, Glide boards are constructed with a quadruple-layer military-grade PVC and a woven drop-stitch core, ensuring they withstand the rigors of real-world use.
  • Performance: Glide's unique stiffness technique and high-quality materials mean our inflatable boards perform on par with solid boards, offering stability, speed, and responsiveness for all skill levels.
woman carrying paddle board

Featured Boards in the Glide Lightweight Lineup:

Glide 02 Retro 10'6" All-Around Lightweight Paddle Board

The 02 Retro stands out as one of the lightest boards in our collection, boasting a 400 lbs weight capacity, making it perfect for paddling with a dog or carrying extra gear for SUP camping. Its full-length durable deck pad offers excellent traction for both you and your furry friend. The removable center fin, housed in a US-style fin box, allows for customizable fin setups to suit any paddling conditions.

Glide 02 Quest Lightweight Touring Paddle Board

For those with an exploratory spirit, the 02 Quest is the ultimate touring board. Its design focuses on speed and efficiency, ideal for covering long distances. The board's stability ensures comfort and safety when paddling with companions or gear. Its narrow nose and tail design enhance water displacement, making it an excellent choice for racing or upstream paddling.

glide inflatable paddle board

What's Included with Every Glide Lightweight Paddle Board:

  • Backpack with Rolling Wheels: For effortless travel and storage.
  • High-Performance Adjustable Paddle: Ensures optimal paddling efficiency.
  • Coil Leash: Keeps your board close and secure.
  • High-Capacity SUP Pump: For quick and easy inflation.
  • Removable Fin Setup: Offers customization for different water conditions.
  • Repair Kit: Though with Glide's durability, you might never need it.
  • Kayak Seat: For added versatility on your adventures.
  • Carry Strap: Makes transportation a breeze.
  • Included Items May Change: Items are subject to change at anytime.
paddling an inflatable paddle board

Glide not only promises top-tier paddle boards but also offers an array of accessories, from coolers to electric pumps, all designed with the same high standards known to the Glide brand.

We invite you to share your adventures and preferences between solid and inflatable paddle boards with us on Instagram using #glidesup. Glide is dedicated to enhancing your time on the water, regardless of where your paddling journey takes you.