Wanting a Yoga Paddle Board that is More than Just a Dedicated Yoga Board?

Looking for a yoga paddle board should bring inner peace, not stress. If you are looking for the best yoga sups on the market then Glide has you covered with our Glide Lotus lineup. Any other yoga boards will be a karmic disappointment by comparison.


Key Highlights

  1. Introduction to Glide Lotus Yoga Paddle Boards: Present the Glide Lotus lineup as the top choice for those seeking a yoga SUP that offers more than just a platform for poses, but a gateway to inner peace and outdoor adventure.
  2. Revolutionizing SUP Yoga: Share the history of how Glide's original hard yoga paddle board set new standards in the SUP yoga community by offering unparalleled stability and performance.
  3. Versatility of the Lotus Lineup: Highlight the multi-use capabilities of the Lotus boards, emphasizing their suitability not just for yoga, but also for flat water cruising, paddling with pets, and adventure SUPing.
  4. Introduction of the Lotus Inflatable Paddle Board: Discuss the development and reception of the Glide 02 Lotus inflatable board, ensuring it lived up to the high expectations set by its hardboard predecessor.
  5. Design and Stability for Yoga: Detail the design elements that make the Lotus boards ideal for yoga, including full-length deck pads, stability for all levels of yoga practitioners, and the flexibility to perform various yoga routines confidently.
  6. Accessories and Features: List the included accessories and features, such as the removable center fin and repair kit, that enhance the functionality and user experience of the Lotus yoga boards.
  7. Community Engagement: Encourage sharing of personal yoga SUP experiences and favorite spots on Instagram with #glidesup, fostering a community of yoga and paddle boarding enthusiasts.
  8. Purchasing and Resources: Provide clear guidance on where to purchase the Glide Lotus boards and where to find useful tips and resources for maximizing the SUP yoga experience.

Glide Lotus yoga paddle boards are the perfect yoga sup.

When Glide introduced are original hard yoga paddle board we revolutionized the sup yoga world. It quickly became known worldwide as the best yoga experience you could get on a sup yoga board. The hard yoga paddle board allowed instructors and yoga practitioners to get the most out of the yoga session. The yoga sup had what other boards were missing, allowing all levels of yoga enthusiasts to go through their yoga poses confidently, even in freezing waters.

yoga specific board

The stable board design quickly became the favorite yoga sup of studios worldwide. And with individuals wanting to practice yoga on their own board in environments that spoke to them. The full-length deck pad on the Lotus yoga sup boards will quickly become your favorite yoga mat when practicing yoga. The Lotus yoga stand-up paddle board also excels at being a flat water cruiser, dog paddle board, and adventure sup board. The yoga sups in the Lotus lineup are some of my favorite boards to paddle.

Lotus Inflatable Paddle board.

acro yoga on a paddle board

As inflatable paddle boards became more popular we noticed the same trend as with the hard boards...a lack of an exceptional yoga sup. So we began work on the Lotus inflatable yoga paddle board knowing we had to make this board perfect if it was going to be called a Lotus yoga board. The footsteps we had to fill from the amazing hard yoga sup were enormous.

Glide crushed it with the introduction of the Glide 02 Lotus yoga paddle board. The yoga sup caught on like wildfire and was quickly making it's self to the premier yoga studious around the world. The dedicated yoga board quickly became the go-to floating yoga mat when it came to paddle board yoga.

Like the hard boards, the inflatable yoga paddle board would handle any yoga routine from acrobatic yoga. To a yoga practice with the kids and a dog on board due to its incredible stability, perfect yoga sup design, and weight capacity not found in other yoga sups. Now the yoga sup community had two choices for the best yoga sups depending on personal preference. From a hard yoga paddle board or an inflatable yoga paddle board. From warrior poses to downward dog they no longer had to settle for lesser options as they now had an ideal board no matter what their personal preference was.

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Glide is happy to keep the tradition of the best yoga sups going. And proud to offer high quality accessories and sup accessories for all our boards. show us your favorite spot for sup yoga at #glidesup on Instagram. Interested in purchasing the ideal yoga sup? They can be found here Glide Lotus Hard Yoga paddle board or Glide Lotus Inflatable Yoga paddle board. Helpful tips can be found here and on our blog for everything from sup yoga to paddle boarding with your dog.