Why an iSUP?

In the world of paddle boarding, the debate between traditional hard paddle boards and inflatable paddle boards (iSUPs) is ongoing. However, the scales are tipping towards inflatable SUPs for numerous compelling reasons. Let's dive into why an iSUP from Glide might just be the game-changer you need for your paddle boarding adventures.


Key Highlights

  1. Transportation Ease: Glide iSUPs redefine portability. Their compact design allows for easy transportation in any vehicle, public transit, or even by foot to the most remote locations.
  2. Space-Saving Storage: Ideal for urban dwellers or those with limited space, these inflatable boards can be deflated and stored in minimal space, unlike their hardboard counterparts.
  3. Durability and Performance: Crafted with military-grade PVC and a high-density drop-stitch core, Glide iSUPs offer the robustness and performance of hard boards with the added benefits of portability and resilience.
  4. Travel-Friendly: Glide iSUPs can accompany you on flights as checked luggage without the additional fees or the risk of damage often associated with transporting hard boards.
  5. Versatility: Whether you're into SUP yoga, surfing, or exploring tranquil lakes, Glide iSUPs are designed to meet a wide range of activities with superior stability and performance.

Transportation Ease with iSUPs

One of the standout advantages of an iSUP is its unparalleled ease of transportation. Forget the hassle of a roof rack or specialized gear needed for hard boards; an inflatable SUP can be compactly stored and transported in the trunk of your car, a rideshare, or even on public transportation. The portability of iSUPs opens up endless possibilities for exploring remote lakes and waterways, making them the perfect companion for adventurers. You can also easily hike into remote lakes and waterways with an isup. Check out these two articles, hiking paddle board & great spots to hike with an isup.

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Storage Solutions for Inflatable Boards

Living in an urban apartment or lacking storage space? iSUPs from Glide solve this problem effortlessly. Compared to their hardboard counterparts, which demand substantial storage space, iSUPs can be deflated, rolled up, and tucked away in small spaces. This convenience extends to travel as well, where iSUPs can easily be checked on flights as part of your luggage allowance, avoiding the extra fees and logistical nightmares often associated with transporting hard paddle boards.

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Durability and Performance of iSUPs

Glide's inflatable paddle boards are not just about convenience; they're about uncompromised quality and performance. Crafted with military-grade PVC and featuring a tight drop-stitch core, our iSUPs offer durability and stiffness akin to hard boards. Whether you're catching waves, engaging in SUP yoga, or navigating whitewater, Glide's iSUPs deliver solid board-like performance with the added benefits of an inflatable.

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An isup from Glide can also be flown with commercially and currently can be used as one of your checked bag allotments. Where traditional paddle boards may be denied, damaged and often assessed an additional fee to fly with allowed at all giving an inflatable paddle boards a serious advantage over solid boards. This may change as Airlines gouge passengers more and more.


Choosing an iSUP from Glide means embracing the freedom to explore further, store easier, and enjoy the highest quality construction in the market. The advantages of inflatable paddle boarding make it a clear choice for both new and experienced enthusiasts looking to maximize their experience on the water.

We're excited to hear about your latest paddle boarding adventures, from SUP surfing to exploring tranquil lakes. Share your stories with us at #glidesup on Instagram and discover the world of opportunities that await with an iSUP.


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