Acro Yoga On A Paddle Board That Will Amaze You

There is so much power in trying things new and scary! The best part of SUP Acro Yoga is that there's nowhere to fall but in the water, can someone say "safest landing ever"? Here's our favorite shots.

SUP Yoga, But On Steroids'

We've seen a lot of amazing things happen on a stand up paddle board, but we have to admit that Acro SUP yoga is at the top of our list. Here are some of our favorite shots on a Glide paddle board.

Whoever thought you could do this kind of stuff on a paddleboard? Thanks to the Yogaslackers of OR. we're getting our daily inspiration for all different kinds of poses.

My back hurts just looking at this.
That is come serious core power...


What a pristine Oregon setting!
That is one seriously stable paddle board if we do say so ourselves! It's like her spine is made of rubber!


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