A Day with the Lochsa Inflatable Paddle Board

A Day with the Lochsa Inflatable Paddle Board 

Inflatable paddle boards are an easy way to travel and reach remote waters, although is an inflatable paddle board really ok for rivers and whitewater? the answer is yes if you are paddling one made by Glide. Our ultra-durable paddle boards also translate into the best inflatable paddle boards on the market. The best inflatable sup for whitewater is the 02 Lochsa. Named after the Lochsa river shown below, that translates into rough water.

Embarking on an adventure with the inflatable 02 Lochsa River SUP board is an experience worth sharing. Today, I ventured to Bear River to immerse myself in the tranquility of river paddling, starting with the serene Bear Ponds. Evanston's commitment to enhancing this spot for paddlers of all levels—from novices to the advanced—is evident, making it an ideal location for anyone looking to enjoy the paddleboarding lifestyle. For river enthusiasts, remember the importance of a removable center fin on your SUP board to navigate through varying water depths with ease.

river paddle boarding

At Bear Ponds, the sight of fellow paddlers gliding across the water on their SUP boards was a testament to the growing popularity of paddleboarding. It's heartening to see our original yellow paddle boards, a symbol of quality and innovation, being enjoyed by many. Despite the recent rains, the whitewater park's water levels were surprisingly low, prompting a change in plans.

The Evanston Whitewater Park, with its low water, presented a unique challenge. However, armed with my Glide paddleboard, known for its unmatched durability, I was ready for anything. The small waves didn't offer much for surfing, leading me to explore further down the river, always in search of the perfect spot to test the board's capabilities.

Deciding on a whim to head to Snake River—a decision made easier by the 02 Lochsa's reputation for excellence—I was not disappointed. The river's clear blue waters promised an exhilarating day ahead. After a quick stop at Creekside Market and Deli for some provisions, I was ready to conquer the water. The Lochsa lived up to its reputation, handling class I and II rapids with ease and even providing a playful wave to enjoy. Its lightweight design made it a breeze to carry back for another thrilling run.

As the day wound down, I set my sights on Oxbow Bend for a serene evening paddle, followed by a breathtaking sunrise session the next morning. The early start paid off, offering a chance to witness the local wildlife in their natural habitat, including a majestic moose sighting. The Lochsa's high-performance capabilities allowed for a quick and safe distance from the moose, showcasing its versatility and reliability.

paddle boards at Bear Ponds

Reflecting on the day's adventures, it's clear that the 02 Lochsa is more than just a paddleboard; it's a gateway to exploring the beauty of nature, providing an unmatched experience whether gliding through calm waters or navigating rapids. Its design, from the rails to the rockers, is engineered for optimal performance, making every paddle stroke feel magical.

For those yet to experience the magic of the 02 Lochsa, it's not just about the places you'll go, but the memories you'll create along the way. Whether you're a seasoned paddler or new to the sport, the Lochsa invites you to explore the waterways with confidence and joy.

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