Exploring with a Touring SUP: Your Guide to Adventure

Whether you're looking at hard touring paddle boards like the Glide Quest or the inflatable O2 Quest, our touring design has been modified over time to be the best distillation of what we think a tourer should be. Both versions are ultra-durable, and will last indefinitely with proper care. Start your touring adventure off with the best SUP for the job.

 The Thrill of SUP Touring

SUP touring transforms paddleboarding into an expedition, merging the joy of exploration with the efficiency of design. These boards, sleeker and more streamlined than their all-around counterparts, are built for the adventurer eager to cover distances with grace. Bridging the gap between racing and recreational paddleboarding, touring SUPs are the vessel of choice for those looking to journey further.

Glide touring stand up paddle board

Designed for Distance

Touring SUPs stretch over 12 feet, maintaining buoyancy for both paddler and gear with a refined, narrow shape that cuts through water, reducing drag. Their length and volume distribution facilitate a smooth, efficient glide, making long paddles feel effortless.

Precision Engineering: The Displacement Hull

The heart of a touring SUP is its displacement hull. Unlike the wider, flatter planing hulls designed for stability, the V-shape of a displacement hull slices through water, enhancing speed and tracking. This design might sacrifice some stability for speed, but it pays off in the glide and efficiency it offers on long paddles.

Glide Inflatable Quest Construction

Material Matters: Fiberglass to Carbon Fiber

Touring SUPs come in various materials, from durable fiberglass to lightweight carbon fiber, all aimed at maximizing performance without sacrificing durability. Inflatable models offer a practical alternative, boasting rigidity and resilience with modern materials like military-grade PVC.

Touring Essentials: Gear and Paddle

Touring SUPs are kitted out with features for the long haul, including gear storage and comfortable deck pads. A single fin setup optimizes straight tracking and glide. The right paddle, preferably a lightweight carbon fiber model cut to your size, can make a significant difference in paddling efficiency and enjoyment.

Choosing Between Inflatable and Hard Boards

Whether to opt for an inflatable or a hard touring board depends on your needs. Inflatables offer convenience and ease of transport without compromising on performance, making them a versatile choice for adventurers. Hard boards may edge out in speed and slicing through water but require more careful handling.

Inflatable Quest paddle board

Packing for the Path Less Paddled

Preparation is key for a successful SUP tour. Essentials include water, sunscreen, and a life jacket, alongside accessories like a paddle holder and a waterproof phone bag. With thoughtful packing, you can ensure a balance between necessity and comfort for your journey.

The Beauty of Touring Anywhere

Touring SUPs unlock the potential to explore almost any water body, from serene lakes to gentle rivers. The adaptability of these boards means every outing can be an adventure, whether you're chasing speed, building endurance, or simply soaking in the scenery.

Caring for Your Board

Maintaining your touring SUP is straightforward: avoid prolonged sun exposure, rinse after use, and handle with care. These simple steps can extend the life of your board, ensuring many more adventures to come.

Embrace the Glide Quest

woman on touring sup board

Glide's Quest series represents the pinnacle of touring SUP design, offering durability and performance for every explorer. Whether you choose the hardshell or inflatable O2 Quest, you're equipped for the journey ahead.

In the world of SUP touring, every paddle stroke is a step towards discovery. With the right board and a spirit of adventure, the possibilities are endless. Where will your touring SUP take you?