How to Choose the Perfect Paddle boarding Outfit for Every Season.

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is a versatile and enjoyable water sport that can be enjoyed year-round in various climates and conditions. However, to maximize comfort and safety during your SUP sessions, it's essential to wear the appropriate attire. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how to choose the perfect paddle boarding outfit for every season, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite water activity no matter the weather. With this guide you will have a great start on what to wear paddle boarding

  1. Spring Paddle boarding Outfits.

  2. cold weather paddle board bathing suit,paddle board clothing or rash guard to retain body heat wear a life jacket

As the ice begins to thaw and the days grow longer, spring is an excellent time to hit the water for some SUP fun. However, unpredictable weather and cooler water temperatures can pose unique challenges when choosing your paddle boarding outfit. Here are some tips for dressing appropriately for spring paddle boarding:

  • Layering is key: With fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions, layering is crucial during springtime. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer to keep sweat away from your skin, add an insulating mid-layer, and finish with a waterproof, windproof outer layer to protect against rain and wind.

  • Choose quick-drying materials: Opt for moisture-wicking, quick-drying materials like polyester, polypropylene, or merino wool to keep you comfortable and dry throughout your SUP session.

  • Wear a wetsuit or drysuit: Depending on the water temperature, you might want to consider wearing a wetsuit or drysuit for added warmth and protection.

  • Don't forget your feet: Neoprene booties or water shoes can help keep your feet warm and comfortable during spring SUP sessions.

  1. Summer Paddle boarding Outfits.

  2. warmer weather wear board shorts and uscg approved life jacket over just a bathing suit,wearing shoes is an option although I dont wear shoes in warm weather as bare feet are better and makes all the difference in hot air temperature

Summer is peak paddle boarding season, with warm temperatures and sunny skies making it the perfect time to get out on the water. However, the summer heat, sun exposure, and potential for sunburn make choosing the right outfit essential. Follow these tips for dressing appropriately for summer paddle boarding:

  • Opt for lightweight, breathable materials: Choose moisture-wicking, lightweight, and breathable fabrics like polyester or nylon to keep you cool and comfortable in the summer heat.

  • Protect against sunburn: Wearing a long-sleeve rash guard or sun shirt with a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating can help protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Pair it with board shorts or leggings for a functional and stylish outfit.

  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat: A wide-brimmed hat can provide added sun protection for your face and neck, keeping you cool and safe from sunburn. Our Glide Bamboo Lifeguard Hat is an excellent option.

  • sup yoga pants are something to wear when paddle boarding as are long sleeve shirt and rash guards a few other things to wear paddleboarding when sup fishing are boots and gloves to help protect paddle boarders from fish hooks, no extra layer needed
  • Don't forget your feet: In warmer water temperatures, you can go barefoot, wear water shoes, or choose neoprene booties with thinner soles for added grip and protection.

  • Wear a PFD and safety gear: No matter the season, always wear a personal flotation device (PFD) and carry safety equipment like a whistle and leash. For more safety tips, read our article on "How Windy is Too Windy to SUP".

  1. Fall Paddle boarding Outfits.

    water resistant pants,life vest and boarding shoes in colder weather,neoprene shoes and a dry bag can hold a winter jacket on the paddle boards in the winter months,a waterproof jacket is a good choice,wear clothing that keeps body heat,sup clothing can include aqua socks,fishing hat or sun hat,fishing vest,neoprene wetsuit,t shirt or even a winter wetsuit and winter hat

As the leaves begin to change color and the temperatures drop, dressing for fall paddle boarding can be a bit trickier than dressing for summer sessions. Keep these tips in mind when choosing your fall paddle boarding outfit:

  • Layer up: Like in spring, layering is essential for fall paddle boarding. Opt for moisture-wicking base layers, insulating mid-layers, and waterproof outer layers to adapt to changing weather conditions.

  • Choose quick-drying materials: As temperatures drop, it's important to stay warm and dry. Opt for moisture-wicking, quick-drying fabrics like polyester, polypropylene, or merino wool to keep you comfortable throughout your session.

  • Wear a wetsuit or drysuit: Depending on the water temperature, consider wearing a wetsuit or drysuit for added warmth and protection.

  • Protect your extremities: In cooler temperatures, wearing neoprene gloves, booties, and a beanie or hood can help protect your hands, feet, and head from the cold.

  1. Winter Paddle boarding Outfits.

Winter paddle boarding can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience, but dressing appropriately is crucial for staying warm and safe in cold conditions. Keep these tips in mind when choosing your winter paddle boarding outfit:

  • Insulate with a wetsuit or drysuit: A high-quality wetsuit or drysuit is essential for winter paddle boarding, providing insulation and protection from the cold water.

  • Layer up: Wearing moisture-wicking base layers and insulating mid-layers under your wetsuit or drysuit can help keep you warm and comfortable during winter SUP sessions.

  • Protect your extremities: In cold conditions, wearing neoprene gloves, booties, and a hood or beanie is essential to keep your hands, feet, and head warm and protected.

  • Prioritize safety: Winter paddle boarding can be more challenging and potentially hazardous than paddling during other seasons. Make sure to wear a PFD, carry safety equipment like a whistle and leash, and always paddle with a buddy.


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Dressing appropriately for paddle boarding in every season is essential for comfort, safety, and enjoyment on the water. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you can ensure you're well-prepared for your next SUP session, no matter the weather. For more paddle boarding tips and advice, be sure to check out our other articles, including "What Muscles Does Stand-Up Paddling Work" and "How Long Do Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards Last". Happy paddling!