How Your Paddle Board Can Help You Reduce Screen Time

In today's digital age, it's all too easy to get caught up in our screens, whether it's for work, social media, or entertainment. But did you know that your paddle board can be a fantastic way to reduce screen time and reconnect with nature?

In today's digital age, it's all too easy to get caught up in our screens, whether it's for work, social media, or entertainment. But did you know that your paddle board can be a fantastic way to reduce screen time and reconnect with nature? Let’s explore how paddle boarding can help you break free from your devices and enjoy the great outdoors.

woman with inflatable paddle board

The Importance of Reducing Screen Time

Spending excessive time in front of screens can lead to a variety of issues, including eye strain, poor posture, and mental fatigue. It can also limit our physical activity, impacting our overall health and well-being. Reducing screen time is crucial for maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and paddle boarding offers a perfect escape.

The Benefits of Paddle Boarding

  1. Physical Activity: Paddle boarding provides a full-body workout, engaging your core, arms, and legs. It’s a great way to stay fit and active without feeling like you’re exercising.

  2. Mental Health: Being on the water has a calming effect, reducing stress and anxiety. The rhythmic motion of paddling and the serene environment help clear your mind and promote relaxation.

  3. Connection with Nature: Paddle boarding gets you out in the fresh air and allows you to explore beautiful natural settings. This connection with nature is rejuvenating and helps you feel more grounded.

  4. Social Interaction: Paddle boarding can be a social activity. Invite friends or family to join you for a paddle, fostering real-life connections and shared experiences.

How to Use Your Paddle Board to Reduce Screen Time

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  1. Schedule Regular Paddle Sessions: Set aside specific times each week for paddle boarding. Treat it like an important appointment that you can’t miss. This helps you create a routine that prioritizes outdoor activity over screen time.

  2. Leave Your Devices Behind: When you go paddle boarding, leave your phone and other devices on shore. This ensures that you’re fully present in the moment and not distracted by notifications or calls.

  3. Explore New Locations: Make your paddle boarding sessions more exciting by exploring new places. Discovering different lakes, rivers, or coastal areas can make each outing an adventure, keeping you engaged and motivated to stay off your screens.

  4. Combine Paddle Boarding with Other Activities: Enhance your paddle boarding experience by incorporating other activities. Try paddle board yoga, fishing, or even a picnic on a secluded shore. This adds variety and keeps you entertained without the need for digital devices.

Tips for a Successful Paddle Boarding Experience

  1. Plan Ahead: Check the weather forecast and water conditions before heading out. Safety should always be your priority.

  2. Pack Essentials: Bring water, snacks, sun protection (like sunscreen and a hat), and a personal flotation device (PFD). Being prepared ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

  3. Practice Mindfulness: Use your time on the water to practice mindfulness. Focus on your breathing, the sound of the water, and the feeling of the paddle in your hands. This helps you stay present and fully appreciate the experience.

  4. Set Goals: Set small goals for your paddle boarding sessions, like reaching a specific distance or mastering a new technique. This gives you a sense of accomplishment and keeps you motivated.

Making Paddle Boarding a Habit

  1. Start Small: If you’re new to paddle boarding, start with shorter sessions and gradually increase the duration as you get more comfortable. Consistency is key to making it a habit.

  2. Join a Community: Look for local paddle boarding groups or clubs. Being part of a community can provide support, encouragement, and new friendships, making it more likely that you’ll stick with it.

  3. Track Your Progress: Keep a journal or use a fitness app to track your paddle boarding sessions. Note how you feel after each outing and any improvements in your skills or well-being. This can be motivating and help you see the benefits over time.

The Glide Advantage: Versatile Paddle Boards

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If you're looking for a versatile paddle board, check out Glide's inflatable paddle boards. They come with a kayak seat, allowing you to switch between paddle boarding and kayaking easily. This added flexibility can make your outdoor adventures even more enjoyable and help you spend more time away from screens.


Reducing screen time is essential for maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and paddle boarding offers a fun and effective way to achieve this. By incorporating regular paddle boarding sessions into your routine, leaving your devices behind, and exploring new locations, you can enjoy the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of being on the water. So grab your paddle board, disconnect from your screens, and reconnect with nature – your mind and body will thank you!