Paddling the Retro, the best all-around sup you can buy.

A day paddle boarding the original Retro.


The Retro hard paddle board is one of the best all-around sup boards around. The retro is able to handle flat water, fishing, yoga, river running, or catching ocean waves. The ultra-durable paddle board is the go-to board for beginner and advanced paddlers alike. Once you try the board you will see why.



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The day is forecast to be a clear day, perfect for getting out of the office for a bit of paddling. Today I am choosing the Glide Retro. I am planning on heading to Pine view today for some paddle boarding and may stop off to do a bit of river sup on either the way back or on the way up.

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Pineview is a large reservoir about 8 miles from Ogden and has great sandy beaches. The reservoir is also one of the best places in Utah to fish for Tiger Muskie. It is also one of the warmer lakes in Utah, making this a perfect lake for beginners and advanced paddlers alike.

The Retro launched like a dream into the warm waters as I paddled away from shore. A flock of seagulls bobbed among the waves ahead of me. While the sun slowly climbed higher while making the water sparkle.

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As I left the cove near 1st south I planned to paddle across the lake to the large cove near Stingtown rd. I am hoping to encounter a motor boat or two so I have some wakes to play with. I was in luck as a motor boat crossed my path throwing a large wake behind it for the wakeboarder. The board rose with the wake and slid gracefully down into the trough of the wake. I needed another wake so I could try to paddle towards it and then jump off the board and land on the other side. Sometimes we have to make our own entertainment.


Luck was with me as another boat was headed my way, sadly the wake from this boat was much smaller than the one from the wakeboarder’s boat. Although it was enough to have a bit of fun with. I had thought about taking some time to sit and just relax on the Retro and soak it all in, but then I remembered the lake has a bit of a reputation for people getting ran over with motor craft, perhaps in the cove instead of the main channel.


The Cove

Inside the cove a solitary boat bobbed at anchor, while its occupants lounged on the deck, watching kids jump overboard and play in the warm waters. I did a quick loop of the cove and left them to enjoy the summer day in solitude. I was going to paddle to the swim area and then up to the main docks. The swim area was empty, of swimmers although a lone fisherman floated in the center. So far he had not caught anything worth keeping he had said.

Leaving the swim area I took the Retro out to the open water of the reservoir and headed to the main docks, in the distance I spotted the wakeboard boat coming my way. Hopefully, the wakeboarder is able to stay up long enough to make it to me.  Unfortunately, they were not. The Retro paddled like a dream cutting through the warm waters and I was soon at the docks. From here I decided to check out windsurfer beach.


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Windsurfer Beach

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Windsurfer beach was crowded as it normally is, although not a single windsurfer. Some jet skis pulled up on the shore, canoes, and kayaks with a few paddle boarders further out. And best of all, dogs playing in the shallow water and along the beach.

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I chose this spot to sit on the board, have some water and just enjoy the day for a bit. Watch the dogs play and be grateful for such a great day at the office. One of the best paddle boards ever made, sun, laughter, and peace, a summer day cannot get much better than this. Wherever you are and whatever you paddle I hope your day is going as well as mine. I am just going to sit here for a while and take it all in.

2 Time to head out

As I paddled back to the truck, I was able to play in a few more wakes of passing boats. I took the time to play with pivot turns, walking the full-length deck pad and being amazed at the stability of the Retro sup board. Sometimes it is hard to believe that such an amazing board is real. I passed a couple who were fishing from their kayaks and having good luck with enough fish tucked away for dinner already. The kayak seats on their fishing kayaks looked much more comfortable than the kayak seats of my past white water kayaks.

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Back at the truck I took the center fin off the Retro paddle board and prepared to hit the Ogden play wave. Lucking the removable fin is easy to attach, remove and replace if needed.

Ogden Play Wave

The wave was empty of paddlers, a benefit of being out in the middle of the day on a work day. And the curse of being lower than optimal being in a drought in the desert. The water was shallow, although flowing enough it could be played on if you don’t mind the board most likely hitting and scraping some rocks. When you have a Glide board you can play with confidence knowing the GSS coating will keep your board safe.

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And it did, the Retro being an ultra-durable paddle board come through unharmed. And had the high-quality performance needed to make the play wave fun.  Have you had the pleasure of paddling a Retro?


Let us know where you paddled today or this week. #glidesup on Instagram. If you have not paddled a Glide Sup you owe it to yourself to fix that and see what you have been missing.