Glide Paddle Boards: Mastering Waters with Unmatched Passion

Let's talk Paddle boards. Starting with our extremely durable hard boards.

We will go over the best paddle boards currently on the market. From inflatable paddle boards or isup to rigid paddle boards. Touring paddle boards, sup yoga boards, whitewater paddle board, sup fishing paddle boards as well as fin configurations and if a manual pump or electric pump can be used on the inflatable paddle boards. We won't be talking about budget boards as they are generally a poor-quality board that some competitors charge premium board prices for. With Glide we only offer premium paddle boards built to be ultra durable.

Glide Hard Paddle Boards

Welcome to the world of paddle boarding, where every stroke through the water is not just a move towards your destination but a step closer to inner peace and exhilaration. Glide SUP is not just a brand; we're a family of passionate paddle boarders dedicated to bringing you the best in the world of SUPs. Today, let's dive into our collection that promises to elevate your paddle boarding experience, whether you're gliding across serene lakes, navigating the challenging ocean surf, or conquering the rapids.

The Retro: Your Go-To All-Around Paddle Board

glide retro paddle board

Imagine yourself standing tall on our Retro, the ultimate all-around paddle board. Designed for versatility, the Retro thrives in flatwater, ocean surf, and even whitewater. Its ultra-durable construction, coupled with a classic SUP design, has been refined to perfection. Available in two sizes with blue and green EVA deck pads, it's a board that beginners will find stable and forgiving, while experienced paddlers will appreciate its exceptional performance across various conditions.

The Lotus: Supreme Sup Yoga Board

lotus paddle board

Enter the tranquil world of SUP yoga with the Glide Lotus. Upon its debut, it transformed SUP yoga, quickly becoming the top choice for enthusiasts worldwide. Its dimensions offer unmatched stability, enabling you to confidently explore yoga poses or even try acrobatic SUP yoga. Beyond yoga, the Lotus is an exceptional board for anyone looking to find their balance and serenity on the water. Its deck pad, soon to become your favored yoga mat, invites you to connect with nature in the most profound ways.

The Quest: Best in Class Touring Paddle Board

Glide Quest Touring paddle board

For the adventurers at heart, the Glide Quest redefines touring paddle boards. After a transformative evolution in 2018, the Quest emerged as the leading choice for touring enthusiasts. Its new hull shape and extended length ensure stability, performance, and ample space for your gear, furry friends, or a little one. Whether you're out for an epic fitness paddle or embarking on a long-distance journey, the Quest stands ready as your faithful companion.

The Godspeed MK. II: Racing Paddle Board Like No Other

Paddle boarding the Glide Godspeed MK. II racing paddle board with removable race center fin.

For those with a need for speed, the Glide Godspeed MK. II racing paddle board is in a league of its own. Unlike our ultra-durable lineup, the Godspeed demands a bit more care but promises unmatched performance and durability to keep you ahead in races and explorations. Its design effortlessly slices through water, ensuring stability, excellent tracking, and ample capacity for your adventures.

Glide Inflatable Paddle Boards: Unrivaled Performance and Convenience

Our inflatable SUPs set the standard for performance, durability, and versatility. From recreational paddling to challenging whitewater adventures, our boards, crafted with premium military-grade PVC, offer the rigidity and performance of solid boards with the convenience of portability. Equipped with removable fins, kayak seats, and premium accessories, these boards are ready for any adventure, any season.

The Lochsa: Premier Whitewater Paddle Board

Glide Lochsa whitewater paddle board

Designed by veteran whitewater enthusiasts, the Lochsa is your trusty companion for navigating the most challenging rapids. Named after the notorious Lochsa River, this board promises unmatched performance in rough waters, thanks to its precision-engineered rails and rockers.

The O2 Retro and Angler: Inflatable Boards for Every Adventure

glide angler fishing paddle boards

Our O2 Retro all-around and O2 Angler fishing SUPs exemplify versatility. Whether you're learning, fishing, or exploring, these boards provide the stability, space, and features to enhance your experience on the water. The Angler, especially, with its flat bottom and generous dimensions, offers a stable platform for casting and reeling in your catch, making it the ultimate choice for SUP fishing enthusiasts.

At Glide, we're more than manufacturers; we're enthusiasts committed to enriching your paddle boarding journey. Every board we create is a testament to our passion, designed to bring you closer to the water, nature, and your adventurous spirit. Share your stories with us at #glidesup on Instagram, and let us continue this incredible journey together. For any questions or guidance, our customer service team is always here to support your passion for paddle boarding.