Will an inflatable paddle board last as long as a solid board?

A good quality inflatable paddle board will last as long or longer than a hard paddle board. This is true for quality inflatable paddle boards and will be affected by the care given to the paddle boards.

Hard paddle boards.

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Hard paddle boards are harder to store that an inflatable paddle board and as a result are often stored in less-than-ideal situations. Here my hard paddle boards end up baking in the summer heat and freezing all winter long with snow and ice covering them. A hard paddle board from most other companies will not endure this kind of treatment well.

dont leave inflatable sups board inflated in direct sunlight especially an inflatable paddleboard that is a single layer boards or epoxy boards

And even those stored in a garage or storage shed will have some pretty severe temperature fluctuations. Solid inflatable stand-up paddle boards also tend to get banged into a lot when they are stored just due to the large size of these storage space hogs. Hard boards can also suffer damage during transportation, everything from users tightening the cam straps too much to branches, rocks, and other debris colliding with the paddle board en route to the adventure while also enduring direct sunlight.

Inflatable paddle boards.

durable board made of pvc material needs proper maintenance even military grade materials need the board correctly inflatated for the best life span of the sup board a repair kit can help maintain the pvc layer

Whereas my inflatable paddle boards are enjoying the climate-controlled comfort of the basement. And when they are being transported they ride in the cabin of the jeep or nestled securely in the bed of the truck in their carry backpack. A good quality isup that has at least 3 layers of military-grade PVC that is maintained will last for years to come. And inflatable paddle boards will allow you to explore and paddle board in places you would probably never be able to with a solid board.

So if you are considering purchasing an inflatable stand up paddle board, then relax knowing you are making a great investment.

sup surfing, sup racing and whitewater paddling  or flat water can all be done glide inflatable paddle boards,drop stitch core with quality drop stitch material board design have a softer deck than a hard board with better construction quality than epoxy resin boards that most boards use

If you are looking for tips on board maintenance and what you can do to make your inflatable paddle boards last check out this article, or have fun exploring our blog.

proper care like avoiding sharp rock,uv rays and extreme air temperature and other sharp objects with proper handleing will help your board be ultra durable

Regardless of if you go with a solid board or an inflatable board, you are sure to have a great time on the water and make some amazing memories.