How to Pack Your Inflatable SUP

Finding a quality inflatable paddle board can be a bit tricky, but with your own Glide Inflatable Paddle Board you'll never be disappointed. Here is the tips and tricks on packing up your inflatable to get you board stored correctly.

Key Highlights

  1. Deflation Process: Safely deflate your inflatable SUP by removing the fin, pressing the valve stem, and expelling air by applying pressure on the board.
  2. Rolling Techniques: Master the technique of rolling your inflatable SUP from the nose towards the tail to efficiently expel air and fit it into the storage bag.
  3. Storing Essentials: Ensure your board is clean and dry before storage to prevent mold and maintain its quality, especially during off-season or long-term storage.
  4. Packing Your SUP: Properly place and secure your board in the storage bag, along with other accessories like paddles, kayak seats, and the hand pump.
  5. Access to Help: Glide offers ongoing support through email and phone for any questions or concerns about packing and maintaining your inflatable paddle board.

Getting out on the water with an inflatable is thrilling, and owning your own Glide inflatable paddle board makes transporting, setting up and taking down easy and fast. We're here to take you through packing up your Glide Inflatable SUP and how to store it properly to maintain it's quality!

Here is a link to our YouTube tutorial if you are interested in watching how to pack up your inflatable.

Deflate your iSUP

Take out the fin from the finbox and put into the front pocket of your bag. Now completely deflate your board by pushing down on the valve stem and twisting to release all the air from inside the board. Caution: this will be very loud at first as all the pressure comes out all at once.

A easy way of deflating is to just put your weight on the board by kneeling ontop of it, and pushing the air out.

how to roll up an inflatable paddle board

Once the board is mostly deflated, you will start rolling the board up from the nose end in-towards the tail end where the valve is located where the air will be getting pushed out (so keep your valve stem down this entire time). 

Rolling the inflatable paddle board can be a bit tricky and every board of ours is a different shape so exactly where to start folding it takes some practice and patience, but for example, the O2 Retro SUP we've found that it's best to fold the nose to the second horizontal black bungee is (roughly 1 foot distance) and this the best fit for the bag.

Insider Tip: If you're storing this during the Winter or even just for a longer period of time, you want to make sure your board is completely clean (no large dirt smudges, no leaves or water grossness) and completely dry to ensure that no mold will affect your board.

Pack it up!

Grab your bag, lay it out flat completely zipped open with the two buckles inside separated and laid over the edges to not be in the way of the board itself.

You will then grab the board by both ends and try to place one end of the board as far as you can into the inside of the bag with the tail of the board on the bottom to have the most room while packing your other items.

packing an inflatable paddle board

Once the board has been successfully placed inside (the entire board tucked into the bag), you will then attach the bungees around the board so it doesn't move around. Don't tighten the straps too much as that could potentially cause creases on the board, but enough that it'll stay in place when you're moving it.

Now, you will take apart your 3-piece paddle (ensure that it is completely dry and clean) and tuck it into the side of the bag or wherever you feel fits best. You will also place your kayak seat inside the main part of the bag.

In the front pouch you will place your hand pump with the hose detached with the bottom side down (it may look like it won't fit at first but once you zip it up it will), your fin, leash, carrying strap, and repair kit.


We know that it can be easier said than done, but you are always welcome to reach out to or call 888-927-9405 if you have any questions or concerns.

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