Should I Get an Inflatable or Hard Board?

If you're torn between getting an inflatable or a hard board for stand-up paddleboarding, don't sweat it – it's a common dilemma. Let's simplify things for you.

Key Highlights

  1. Transportation Ease: Inflatable SUPs offer unparalleled convenience, fitting into cars and planes with ease.
  2. Storage Solutions: The compact nature of deflated inflatable boards makes them ideal for tight spaces.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Generally, inflatable SUPs are more budget-friendly, considering initial purchase, shipping, and material durability.
  4. Board Feel: While hard boards provide a firmer platform, modern inflatables closely mimic this feel, with added comfort.
  5. Performance on Different Waters: Inflatables are superior on rivers for their safety and durability, hard boards excel in ocean wave performance, and it's a tie on flat waters.


woman on stand up paddle board

Inflatables win hands down here. They're a breeze to transport; just toss them in your trunk or strap them to your roof. Hard boards? They need more logistics and definitely won't fit in your carry-on.

Advantage: Inflatable

Storage: Again, inflatables take the cake. They fold up neatly, ready to stash in your closet. Hard boards hog garage space or lean awkwardly against your house.

Advantage: Inflatable

Cost: Inflatables are generally cheaper, but skimp too much and you'll regret it. Still, they edge out hard boards when you factor in shipping and materials.

Advantage: Inflatable

Board "Feel": Inflatables have come a long way in mimicking hard boards, but there's a subtle difference in feel. Hard boards offer a firmer platform, but inflatables are more forgiving on your feet.

Advantage: Hard board, but it's close.

hard paddle boards


On flat water, it's a draw – unless you're into serious racing. In rivers, inflatables rule for safety and durability. But if you're carving waves, hard boards shine, though expect more repairs.

Advantage: Tie on flat water; Inflatable on rivers; Hardboard on ocean waves.


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It boils down to your preferences and where you'll be paddling most. Assess your priorities, but hey, why not have both if you can swing it?

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