Unlock the Ultimate Adventure with Our All-Around SUP Board

If you're looking for the best board of your life then we have good news for you. We'll break down our most popular inflatable paddle board to tell you why it should be your #1 pick.

Key Highlights

  1. Versatility for Every Adventure: The Retro board is suitable for various activities like yoga, fishing, and surfing, adapting to both calm and rough waters.
  2. High-Quality Build: Constructed with military-grade PVC and a sophisticated woven drop stitch, the Retro is designed for durability and longevity.
  3. Beginner-Friendly Yet Advanced: Provides stability for beginners and agility for experienced paddlers, growing with your skill level.
  4. Enhanced Features for Added Value: Comes equipped with a kayak seat and a dual-action pump, offering over $100 in added value and versatility.
  5. Family and Group Ready: With its impressive load capacity, the Retro board supports paddling with kids, pets, or extra gear.

 Dive into the World of Paddle Boarding Why settle for just any paddle boarding experience when you can have it all with our top-selling inflatable paddle board, the Retro? For over a decade, this versatile marvel has dominated both our online and in-store sales, thanks to its unmatched ability to navigate any waters – a tribute to the classic designs once used by the iconic Waikiki beach boys.

woman on an inflatable paddle board

The Swiss Army Knife of Paddle Boards As a beginner, the vast ocean of possibilities in paddleboarding might seem overwhelming. Remember the first thrill of gliding smoothly on calm waters? That's just the beginning. The Retro SUP board is your ticket to evolving from serene lake paddles to the exhilarating challenges of ocean surfing, whitewater adventures, SUP yoga, and even wake surfing. Compact and lightweight, this paddle board is a powerhouse, ready to accompany you on every adventure.

Why the Retro Stands Out Our Retro stand up paddle board shines in its versatility and maneuverability, catering to both novices seeking stability and intermediates craving for a board that supports their growth in various disciplines like yoga, surfing, and fishing. Unlike other inflatable paddle boards, the Retro combines beginner-friendly features with the agility required for advanced maneuvers.

A Commitment to Quality At Glide, our dedication to crafting superior SUP boards is unwavering. The Retro, like all our inflatable boards, boasts a construction of military-grade PVC with a quad-layer fusion and a sophisticated woven drop stitch, offering durability far beyond the industry's standard knitted versions.

Versatility Meets Affordability With its 6-inch thickness, the Retro is an ideal choice for those starting their paddleboarding journey, providing an optimal balance of performance, stability, and affordability. Don't be swayed by the allure of carbon fiber enhancements in other brands; our technology focuses on what truly improves your experience on the water.

The Retro: Not Just for Touring Whether you're exploring local lakes or seeking the thrill of longer glides, the Retro adapts seamlessly to your skill level. This inflatable SUP board challenges the limitations of typical touring boards with its agility and ease of use, proving that versatility doesn't compromise performance.

Embrace SUP Yoga with Confidence For the SUP yoga enthusiasts, stability is key. The Retro not only matches the stability of our yoga-specific Lotus board but exceeds it in length, providing ample space for any pose. Its generous volume ensures a higher weight capacity, making it a perfect platform for your yoga practice.

Catch Waves Like a Pro Surfing with the Retro is a dream come true for paddlers ready to take on the waves. Its design excels in ocean conditions, offering quick acceleration and nimble handling that will make every ride unforgettable.

Family Fun with Maximum Load Capacity Paddle boarding is an adventure best shared. The Retro's impressive weight capacity means you can enjoy the water with your kids, pets, and gear without a worry.

Transform Your Experience Elevating the Retro's versatility, we've included a kayak seat and carrying strap, adding over $100 in value. This feature allows you to switch between SUP and kayak modes effortlessly, ensuring that your adventures know no bounds.

The All-Around Advantage Choosing the Retro means you're not just investing in a paddle board; you're unlocking the potential to explore every facet of paddleboarding without limitation. Its adaptability ensures that as your skills and interests evolve, your board will be right there with you.

The New and Improved Retro Our recent redesign of the Retro has made it even more appealing: more affordable, lighter, and optimized for peak performance. It now includes a dual-chamber, high-capacity pump, enhanced durability, and the most impressive travel bag/backpack in the market, complete with utility straps for easy transport.

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Why Choose Glide? Since 2010, Glide has been synonymous with durability and performance in the SUP world. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the Retro, designed to withstand up to 25 PSI for unmatched stiffness and performance. With each purchase, you receive a full kit, ensuring you're ready to hit the water from day one.

Join Us on the Water If you're seeking a high-performance inflatable paddle board that offers unparalleled flexibility across all waterways, look no further than the o2 Retro. For any inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out on our website or Facebook page. Let's make waves together!

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