Transform Your Paddle Boarding Experience with Kayak Seats and Dual-Blade Paddles

Did you know you can enhance your paddle boarding experience with a simple yet game-changing addition? Kayak seats are now being included with inflatable paddle boards, providing the flexibility to sit or stand.


Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) has taken the world by storm, offering a fun and engaging way to explore the water. But did you know you can enhance your paddle boarding experience with a simple yet game-changing addition? Kayak seats are now being included with inflatable paddle boards, providing the flexibility to sit or stand. Alongside this, adding a second blade to your SUP paddle transforms it into a kayak paddle, further expanding your options. Here's how these innovations are revolutionizing paddle boarding.

The Versatility of Kayak Seats on Paddle Boards

kayak seat on a touring paddle board

Kayak seats are becoming a popular accessory for paddle boards, and for a good reason. These seats can be easily attached to inflatable paddle boards, allowing you to switch between sitting and standing positions. Glide, a leading SUP brand, includes a free kayak seat with all its inflatable paddle boards, making it easier than ever to enjoy this versatile setup.

Benefits of Adding a Kayak Seat:

  1. Comfort: Sitting on a kayak seat provides a comfortable alternative to standing, especially during long paddling sessions. It reduces fatigue and allows you to paddle for extended periods without straining your legs and back.

  2. Stability: Sitting lowers your center of gravity, enhancing stability on the water. This is particularly beneficial for beginners or when paddling in choppy conditions.

  3. Accessibility: For individuals with mobility issues or those who find standing for long periods challenging, a kayak seat makes paddle boarding more accessible.

  4. Multi-Functional Use: Whether you're in the mood for a leisurely paddle or a more vigorous workout, having the option to sit or stand adds versatility to your paddle boarding experience.

Transforming Your Paddle: Dual-Blade Conversion

sup paddle blade

In addition to adding a kayak seat, you can also convert your SUP paddle into a kayak paddle by attaching a second blade. This simple modification allows you to paddle more efficiently while seated, mimicking the experience of kayaking.

Advantages of a Dual-Blade Paddle:

  1. Increased Efficiency: A dual-blade paddle provides continuous propulsion, making it easier to maintain a steady pace without switching sides. This is especially useful when navigating currents or windy conditions.

  2. Versatility: With a dual-blade paddle, you can seamlessly transition between kayaking and traditional paddle boarding, maximizing your time on the water.

  3. Improved Control: The additional blade offers better control and maneuverability, allowing you to navigate tight spots and make precise turns with ease.

How to Set Up Your Paddle Board with a Kayak Seat and Dual-Blade Paddle

Setting up your paddle board with a kayak seat and dual-blade paddle is straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Attach the Kayak Seat:

    • Locate the attachment points on your inflatable paddle board.
    • Secure the kayak seat using the provided straps, ensuring it's firmly in place.
    • Adjust the seat for comfort, making sure it supports your back and provides a stable seating position.
  2. Convert Your Paddle:

    • Attach the second blade to the opposite end of your SUP paddle.
    • Ensure the blades are aligned and securely fastened.
    • Test the paddle to make sure it feels balanced and comfortable to use.
  3. Get Ready to Paddle:

    • Sit on the kayak seat and grasp the dual-blade paddle.
    • Start paddling with alternating strokes on each side to propel yourself forward.
    • To switch back to traditional paddle boarding, simply remove the kayak seat and revert to using a single blade.

The Future of Paddle Boarding

The integration of kayak seats and dual-blade paddles is a testament to the evolving nature of paddle boarding. These innovations provide greater flexibility and accessibility, making the sport enjoyable for a wider range of people. Whether you're a seasoned paddler or new to the sport, these enhancements offer new ways to explore and enjoy the water.


inflatable paddle board package

Kayak seats and dual-blade paddles are transforming the paddle boarding experience. By allowing paddlers to switch between sitting and standing and providing the tools for more efficient paddling, these innovations enhance comfort, stability, and versatility. Glide's inclusion of a free kayak seat with all its inflatable paddle boards makes it easy to take advantage of these benefits. So, next time you hit the water, consider adding a kayak seat and dual-blade paddle to your setup. You'll discover a whole new way to enjoy your paddle boarding adventures.