Why Rigidity in an Inflatable Paddle Board Matters

One key factor often overlooked in inflatable paddle boards is the importance of rigidity. A rigid paddle board doesn't just look good—it performs better, lasts longer, and provides a more enjoyable experience on the water. 


nose in the air on an inflatable paddle board

Inflatable paddle boards have surged in popularity, offering convenience and portability that hardboards simply can’t match. However, one key factor often overlooked is the importance of rigidity. A rigid paddle board doesn't just look good—it performs better, lasts longer, and provides a more enjoyable experience on the water. Let's dive into why rigidity matters and how Glide SUP's cutting-edge AeroMatrix Elite technology sets the standard for inflatable paddle boards.

Meet AeroMatrix Elite: The Heart of Glide Paddle Boards

drop stitch fabric inside an inflatable paddle board

At the core of Glide’s inflatable paddle boards is AeroMatrix Elite, a drop stitch fabric that’s anything but ordinary. Originally designed in the 1940s for collapsible fuel cells in combat aircraft, this technology has proven its durability and strength in extreme conditions. AeroMatrix Elite takes it a step further with a unique woven drop stitch technology, boasting 144 meticulously aligned threads per square decimeter and weighing a robust 3300g per square meter. This advanced construction ensures unmatched rigidity and extraordinary durability, making your Glide board a reliable companion for any adventure.

Why Rigidity is Crucial

Test Credit: InflatableBoarder.com

Performance and Stability

A rigid paddle board provides a solid platform, essential for maintaining balance and stability. When you’re slicing through serene waters or tackling wild waves, a rigid board ensures you stay upright and in control. It enhances your paddling efficiency, allowing you to glide smoothly and swiftly across the water without unnecessary flex or drag.

Durability and Longevity

Inflatable boards with superior rigidity are more resistant to wear and tear. Glide SUP’s AeroMatrix Elite technology ensures your board remains perfectly shaped, never bulging or dragging, even under pressure. This durability means your board can withstand harsh conditions, from rocky shores to choppy waters, extending its lifespan and saving you money in the long run.

Glide SUP’s Commitment to Quality

Marine-Grade PVC Construction

Glide paddle boards are crafted with the same marine-grade PVC used in the toughest whitewater and military rafts. This material has proven its mettle in the wildest rivers and harshest conditions for decades. It’s not just any PVC—it's a robust shield against the elements, resisting wear and tear, motor oils, gasoline, and UV rays. When you embark on your next SUP adventure, you can trust that your Glide board is ready to tackle any waterway with you.

Triple-Laminated Thermofuse Rails

In paddleboarding, the rails—the edges of your board—are critical. They often represent the weak link in lesser designs, especially under pressure. Glide SUP revolutionizes durability with triple-laminated Thermofuse rails. Each layer is fused, not glued or taped, to handle anything you throw at it. This fusion process ensures unmatched strength and reliability, giving you peace of mind as you conquer the waters. These bomb-proof rails are the fortress that guards your adventures, ensuring your board performs flawlessly every time.

The Joy of a Rigid Ride

A rigid inflatable paddle board transforms your paddling experience. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, you’ll notice the difference in performance and stability. Glide SUP’s AeroMatrix Elite technology provides a level of rigidity that rivals hardboards, offering the best of both worlds—portability and top-notch performance.


acro yoga on a paddle board

Rigidity in an inflatable paddle board is not just a nice-to-have; it’s essential for performance, durability, and overall enjoyment. Glide SUP’s AeroMatrix Elite technology sets the bar high, ensuring your board is as ready for adventure as you are. With marine-grade PVC construction and triple-laminated Thermofuse rails, Glide boards offer unmatched rigidity and strength. So, the next time you hit the water, trust in the solid performance of your Glide paddle board and experience the true joy of paddle boarding.