Run off has started! Testing some new river paddleboard concepts.

It has been an extremely long and cold winter here in Utah, and we have been going crazy waiting for runoff. This week it has started, everything is still at a very low level but a few waves are starting to come to life.

David Weber our one of our graphic gurus and mad scientist jumped at the chance to go and test out some new ideas we are looking at for our 2014 line.  The first board we had is was the latest version of the "Nile" board.  This board is coming along great! We know the board performed great on the big water of the Nile, it was able to give confidence to the rider to take on the biggest rapids. It was also able to surf the big waves, and all around fun board for river running and surfing. So the test was to see how the latest version handled a mediocre at best play spot.

Running the small play wave was effortless, very smooth and predictable.

The wave was a typical western style man made play wave. Steep drop to a small wave pool. The Nile board is 9' x 36" x 6" so I thought it may be a little long for surfing these types of waves, but it handled great. Not only was it like a sidewalk, super stable and easy to front surf, it would crave extremely well! Once the water comes up a bit I think it will be a flat spinning machine.

The next board we had was a tiny board that David Weber built back in January. It is 6'6" x 30 x 4 3/4". The idea was to see how small we can go and still have a very user friendly board that will surf anything and everything.  This board is tiny! For such a tiny board with a large amount of kick rocker in the nose, the board had speed! It was fast (relatively speaking) paddling around in the eddys which made catching the wave very easy. Once on the wave the board was just pure fun. More to come on the board and concepts behind it later.

By producing boards at our factory in Utah, we have the ability to prototype any crazy idea that comes to us. We are not limited to a once a year shipping cycle that many other companies have to deal with. This allows us to constantly be pushing SUP designs, and working into our line up the ideas that work, and continually updating our current products.