Strength, Good Luck, and Safe Passage over Water


As my first blog entry as a GLIDE SUP team rider I thought it fit to tell you what I think of GLIDE as a company! These are my feelings about what we all stand for.

An old New Zealand legend that says the north island used to be an enormous fish. This fish was caught only using a woven line and a hook carved out of sacred bone. The shape of Hawkes Bay is the Hei Matau hook caught in the whales side. Today the symbol of the hook stands for Strength, good luck, and safe passage over water. Is it just a coincidence that the GLIDE SUP symbol is the same shape of the Hei Matau hook?

Just like the symbol this company represents these same qualities. Strength, pushing your own capacity farther than you ever thought you could trough a race or crossing on the Speedster or Rockit. Completing a distance challenge on the Quest. Or holding yoga poses on the Bliss paddleboard while balancing on water. Good luck, finding an un surfed river wave and tearing it up on the Sesh or Mongo! Or finding yourself only one out on a perfect swell riding the Silver Bullet. Safe passage over water, which is what Glide SUP offers us all as riders with the unique quality of their paddleboards. Also what I hope for everyone who loves to play and have fun on the water as I do.

paddle fast and take chances! Alex Mauer