Paddleboarding on the Loxahtchee

by Scott Knorp June 20, 2013

We have paddled the Loxahatchee river in Jupiter, FL before in kayaks and wanted to try out our new "river" standup paddleboards. Although it's a small river, it moves along pretty well and has some little eddies and fun currents. It's a national wild and scenic river for a good reason, it's crazy beautiful with amazing flora and fauna. We took the Retro and Mongo out and loved how they preformed in the currents and maneuvered in the small passages. Thanks Ken!!! We are excited to get them on a river with a little more white stuff if you know what I mean.

Yes there are alligators...

Matt Rusher and Alley Fontenot

Alley loves her Mongo!


The Retro and Mongo were the perfect paddleboards for this adventure.I love that these paddleboards are made in the USA and ultra durable.

Did I mention that Glide SUPs are the most non polluting paddleboards on the market?







Scott Knorp
Scott Knorp