Glide Paddleboards Brave the White Nile!

You've probably seen the 8 page spread that Glide team rider Seth Warren put together for SUP Magazine riding Glide 2014 Prototype Whitewater Paddleboards. The "Nile Special" is an almost mythical wave in the whitewater section of the Nile that runs through Uganda. Seth was able to stick the wave riding these new concept paddleboards by our world class designer, Ken Driscoll. It looked like the trip of a lifetime and we are stoked to be a sponsor in Seth's next adventure coming this summer!

Our athlete got some help porting their custom made paddleboards.

The locals were almost as excited as we were to see paddleboards in their homeland.

After days of wiping out, Seth finally stomps this one!

Our international outreach program may find future team SUP Riders here in the future!

Standup Paddleboard or "Sitdown Paddleboards"?

Seth and Kirk show a certain mastery of the White Nile by the tail end of the trip.

It takes a certain kind of paddler and paddleboard to brave this!

A special thanks to Kirk and Seth! Our paddleboards have never looked better!