West Virginia, Gauley River: Perfect Wave

I knew it would be a good stand up surf wave, but never imagined the range of water levels we could play with. The Gauley River has a guaranteed releases in September and October for 6 weekends. The fall of 2010 was the first surf session on the 2800 cfs release.

So we continued to play after Gauley Season and found some fun at lower levels and higher levels. Surfs up!!

The first two photos I am on the Sesh with lower levels. Then the Lochsa comes out for the big wave surf.

I love the Sesh board when levels are 300-800 cfs. The baby board is so light for carrying into the surf spot were we have a “heart-attack hill” to navigate between the rhododendron bushes. On the wave the Sesh responds with some great play dancing around the small foam pile. Even the big boys get on it and rock out fun sessions.

When levels increase and there’s a need for speed to break the eddy line and cross a couple feet of current, the Lochsa is the board of choice. The rocker keeps the board from pearling upon entry and boom, you’re skimming across a very fast wave.

There’s nothing like a river wave. The silence and calmness you feel when the board sets into the wave can be appreciated because the surf is there as long as you can ride it. It never runs out like an ocean wave.