The Lochsa in New Mexico

by Ken Apperson May 11, 2012

The closest thing we have in NM to the Lochsa is the SUP board by Glide. The Lochsa is Glides downriver Whitewater paddleboard. I have been paddling this beauty for a couple months now and am really enjoying it. Our local Northern NM run is a class 3 section on the Rio Grande called the Racecourse. It runs year round and is a SUP paradise. Due to a bit of a drought around these parts, the run is low and technical this Spring. Perfect for precision SUP training.

The Lochsa is fast, light and strong. I have been hitting a few rocks and it is still looking great. The special sauce that coats the board is doing it’s job. I would be scared to take most epoxy boards down this run at low water. The Glide SUP boards make this a non issue.

Here are a few photos of the run. Thanks to Nate Lada for taking the majority of them. 

Ken Apperson
Ken Apperson