5 Best SUP Spots in Maine

The seasonal window for paddling in Maine is short so make sure you plan accordingly! The payoff is some of the world’s most beautiful scenery and as much of the freshest, most delicious lobster that you can eat.

When most people think of Maine, they think of lobster and pine trees, which makes sense as it is known as “The Pine Tree State”.  A couple little known facts about Maine: it was part of Massachusetts until it’s statehood in 1820 and there are only 43 people per square mile compared to 1,200 people per square mile in New Jersey.  13% of the state is covered in water so you can’t go wrong bringing your SUP here.


Hermit Island

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Hermit Island is a gorgeous campground located in Small Point, Maine. There are eight private white sand beaches, several hiking trails, and quite a few campsites. The beaches are all natural, and you will hardly find anyone in the campgrounds due to their “no visitors” policy.  

Surprisingly, the water is quite warm making for great swimming and paddling.  If you’ve never tried downwinding on a SUP, this is a great place to try it.

Seaspray Kayaking and Paddleboarding offers SUP rentals and downwinding tours. Picture the ideal combination of waves, open water, sea breeze, private coves, pocket beaches and scenic beauty. 


Acadia National Park

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Take the Trenton Bridge to Mount Desert Island, the largest island off the coast of Maine and the second largest (behind Long Island, New York) on the eastern seaboard. The island and its waterways were formed by a continental glacier over a mile high, almost 2 miles thick in some places. Once this giant glacier eventually melted and retreated, it left rounded and bare mountain tops, as well as elongated ponds and lakes.

It also formed the seven-mile long Somes Sound which was once considered a fjord but is now designated a fjard as its cliffs aren’t as tall as most fjords. There is a cornucopia of paddling options here from the pristine glacier formed lakes, to the Northeast Creek to the fjard itself. 

Get your rental SUP from Acadia SUP. 


Damariscotta River

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Bring your fishing specific SUP here.  The river was named by the Abenaki tribe and means ‘river of many fishes.’ An annual gathering is a tradition on the river during May and June to catch the millions of alewifes that swim upstream. If you prefer larger faire, plan to visit different times of year to catch Trout, Charr, Salmon, or Whitefish.

This gorgeous location allows you to paddle through both islands and oyster farms. There are a couple of different routes here:  one with calmer waters, while the other is for more adventurous thrill-seekers.  Ask a local for advice.  Either route you choose, you will discover magical wildlife, timeless mansions and the working waterfront of oyster farmers, lobstermen, and fishermen.

Midcoast Kayak has SUPs for rent.


Moosehead Lake

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At 40 miles long and 10 miles wide, Moosehead is Maine’s largest lake and the largest lake in the eastern US.  The lake has an incredible assortment of wildlife which includes moose if you are lucky enough to see one. 

Much of the lake is undeveloped so it has a very “wild” feel.  Because the lake is so large, it can get choppy so the earlier you can get started, the better. Circumventing Sugar Island is a popular route although it’s a long paddle as the island is 5 miles long and 2.5 miles wide. Bring a lunch and take in the beautiful scenery as you rest on the island’s craggy shores.  

Northwoods Outfitters can hook you up with a SUP.


Cape Porpoise Harbor

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Cape Porpoise harbor has an archipelago of uninhabited islands near Kennebunkport,

This is truly quintessential New England. Paddle out to Goat Island with the iconic lighthouse and watch the lobster boats coming into port. The main harbor is where most lobster boats come and go. 

You will want the avoid the pier and the channel between the lighthouse as they can become fairly crowded with boats. All the islands here are “leave no trace” islands so make sure that you pack out all your garbage.  

Kayak Excursions rents paddle boards and offers tours of the harbor.



The seasonal window for paddling in Maine is short so make sure you plan accordingly! The payoff is some of the world’s most beautiful scenery and as much of the freshest, most delicious lobster that you can eat.

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