Glide Ambassador: Tara Huff

Tara Huff, a Glide Amabassador tells us about her stand up paddle boarding experience and her SUP Yoga times.

I live in a small mountain community in Northern California with my husband and two kids. I spend my free time practicing yoga, exploring the outdoors and taking pictures in pretty places.

I have spent many summer days at the river. Beginning in my childhood. My siblings and I use to pile into the bed of a pickup with inner tubes and our dad would drive us 45 minutes over a curvy single lane mountain road to a remote location on the river.  He dropped us off and let us float downstream until we found him at whatever swimming hole he decided to relax at that day.  We picked blackberries, jumped off rocks into epic swimming holes, skipped rocks, navigated rapids and looked for fish.  We would drift for several miles and it took anywhere from 2 to 4 hours before we arrived at our destination. 

Floating down river holds a special place in my heart.  I was immediately hooked when I discovered paddle boarding.  Now I can float on my Glide SUP down the same river and take beautiful yoga pictures along the way!

My favorite adventures include my children. All three of us will pile onto my Glide Inflatable with a small ice chest, paddle downstream to a secluded beach, have a picnic and swim. Then when the afternoon winds pick up, we get back onto the board and let the wind help push us back upstream.

It has also been a treat to pack into the wilderness with the help of family or friends on a couple of occasions. I enjoy relaxing on my board in the middle of an alpine lake after the hike in. Maybe cast my pole and catch a few brook trout while I’m there.

I love my Glide SUPs because I can combine my two favorite pass times, floating on the river and yoga.  Glide boards are Eco-friendly, durable and designed for white water.  They fit my lifestyle perfectly!