Glide SUP Shaper, Mac Kieliszewski, Talks About His Craft

Being with Glide SUP from the beginning has given me the opportunity to wear many hats within the company; everything from shaping, sanding, laminating, trade show guy, sales, etc. Over these years, I have been lucky enough to develop friendships and talk with people from all aspects of the SUP industry. It has always been interesting to me how differently people view some the issues pertaining to SUP such as construction of different SUP brands, the best style of SUPs to buy for each individual’s needs, SUP athletes, state of SUP racing, and the over-all state of SUP. Being an avid paddler myself along with being a part of the inner-workings of the SUP industry, I was inspired to be a source of helpful, exciting, controversial, fun, informative, and interesting information. So was born, “In the Board Room with Anthony”.  ENJOY!


Mac shaping a Glide Rental SUP

Over the last few years I have had the privilege to work with Glide SUP shaper, Mac Kieliszewski. Over those years, it has been really cool to watch Mac become an accomplished shaper whose boards come out impeccable every time. Outside of the shaping room, Mac makes me laugh every day, he is a blast to SUP race and train with, and I am blessed to have him as a friend.


Mac chillin at the Glide Factory. 

AJ: How long have you been shaping at Glide?

MK: 3 Years

AJ: What do you like about shaping?

MK: I like that every board is like its own piece of art and it’s my job to make each one look perfect.


  Mac mixing up his paddle stroke going lightning speed in his last race.

AJ: How is it working at Glide?

MK: Every day is more exciting than the last. Ken is always finding new ways to make it a fun day. Right now we play a lot pickleball.

AJ: What type of SUP are you into?

MK: River

AJ: Are you going to keep racing this season and beyond?

MK: For sure!


  The man himself making the magic happen.

AJ: Favorite SUP spots?

MK: Secret river wave and Causey Resivoir

AJ: What do you like to do outside of work?

MK: I enjoy playing games, watching movies and spending time in the mountains


   Mac enjoying post race grub after a 4th place finish in the Utah Paddleboards Race   with Cam Meredith and me on the mic!

AJ: Top 5 fun things to do/hang outs in Salt Lake City?

MK: Skiing or Snowboarding
Rock Climbing in Big Cottonwood Canyon
Shooting the tube
Hidden Couch Overlook
Utah Olympic Park

AJ: What gets you stoked?

MK: Being around others that are stoked to be doing whatever is going on at the time. Specifically the stoke guru himself, you Anthony.

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