Glide Lotus

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The Lotus is the premier SUP yoga board that provides incredible stability with the added benefit of smooth paddling. In 2019 Glide has refined the rocker and rail profile to create an even better platform for yoga. 


  • 10’ Length
  • 35" Width
  • 5" Thickness
  • 218L Volume
  • 25 lbs Weight

  • Updated rocker profile
  • Wider board profile
  • Improved paddling performance
  • Displacement hull in the nose

 Length Width Thikness Volume Weight Cap
10' 35" 5" 218l 28 lbs 250 lbs

Glide boards are durable, high performance, inflatable SUP’s at a great price point. Maintenance is minimal and caring for your board is as simple as proper storage and washing.

Store your board out of direct sunlight with the deck pad facing down. Sunlight over time will begin to slightly fade the color of your board. If you are going to be storing your board for more than a few hours turn your deck pad away from the sun to avoid fading. When you are done paddling rinse your board with fresh water and allow to dry.