Corey Summer 2015





Bio: My name is Corey Sumner, and I've been practicing yoga for 7 years. I am a certified power vinyasa teacher at Anjali power yoga. After becoming a yoga teacher I decided to take my love of the ocean into my yoga practiced & became SUP yoga certified. I teach in the beautiful bays of Avalon/stone harbor New Jersey. To me, there is nothing better than yoga on the water while getting a suntan.

Hometown: Washington township NJ

What does being a Glide Yogi mean to you?

To me being a glide yogi means showing up and shining like the sun on & off my board everyday! I love that they're a sustainable brand of paddle boards.

Top three songs in your yoga playlist?

Every single one of my playlist has a song by Justin timberlake, mgmt & fleetwood Mac


Favorite Paddle Board?

The O2 Lotus paddleboard. Duh.


Favorite Pose(s) for SUP Yoga?

Wheel, it's so powerful on the water!

Best advice for beginner SUP Yoga:

Just go with it! Many come in with fear of falling and 90% of my students fall in, WHO CARES, it's just water.

Fave post-paddle eats?

Green juice and Greek salad extra olives, yum!

Words to live by?

I'm in love with cities I've never been to & people I've never met

If you could meet any person dead or alive who would it be?

Kanye West, I think he is just really misunderstood.

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Instagram: csumz

Twitter: corey_sum


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