Glide SUP Factory Handmade 100% in the USA.

Glide has the largest and greenest SUP factory in the Americas. Nestled in Salt Lake City, Utah, Glide is committed to manufacturing the highest quality boards here in the USA.

At Glide we have a 'Factory Challenge'. We challenge any other SUP company to lay claim to the fact; that almost every member of the Glide team has been to our factory and has intimate knowledge of how your board is made and the process that is involved. 90% of the company from our outside sales team, international distributors, team athletes, our designer, our owners, of course the factory guys, and even the UPS guy has seen the process. There is no other SUP company that can claim our commitment to creating a Eco-friendly, durable, American made product at a competitive price. Challengers welcome.

The Glide factory is unique in a board making industry that was lost to overseas competition decades ago. It was a calculated risk to commit to the “Made in the USA” business model—especially while 95% of the competition continues to import their boards from foam product generalists in China and Thailand. The closest we get to importing at Glide is the occasional run to a state owned liquor store for Mexican beer. The entire life cycle of our products—initial design, CAD drawings, cutting EPS blanks on state of the art CNC hot wire machines, staging, shaping, sanding, painting, shipping, everything–all happens in building #14 on South 700 West, smack dab in the center of Salt Lake City.

Globally conscious. Without our waterways and oceans we have nothing. Many companies use unknown processes and products to manufacture their boards overseas. Quite often, brands don't even have 'a man on the ground' at these overseas factories. There is no guarantee what is going into your board. At Glide we strive to test and develop new products and processes that lessen our carbon footprint. We do this by; limiting fossil fuel consumption, using sustainable resins, reducing waste by recycling our EPS, development of new coatings, and eliminating use of harmful epoxy paints. No other American SUP company recycles their EPS scrap as efficiently as Glide. When our EPS supplier, ACH, delivers our foam, we reload their truck with all of our cutoff and sanding waste to return to ACH for recycling. The use of our GSS and Entropy resin has improved the work environment for our employees by eliminating air born carcinogens.