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Through her yoga and meditation practice Jessica has found that as spiritual beings, we are LOVE. Our purpose is not to seek love, as we are already made from it and it is all around us, but rather through yoga we connect to this grace that flows through each of us and realize that we are one. This understanding has burst her heart open and it has been spilling over with compassion and sweetness ever since. Yoga has helped Jess express her truest self, allowing her bright and bubbly personality to shine through. As a deeply devoted student and teacher she is humbled to share this sacred practice with others.

Jess’s heart belongs to the ocean and she is very passionate about keeping our seas healthy and beautiful. She uses the ocean as inspiration for her yoga and flows together both calming and energizing movements for a fluid class that leaves her students feeling soothed, uplifted, and joyful. Her teaching platform allows her to inspire conservation of the ocean and a mindfulness to keep our planet healthy.

Jess is a RYT-200 yoga teacher, has a B.S. in Marine Biology from UC Santa Cruz, and is a scuba divemaster.

Current Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Hometown: Colfax, CA

What does being a Glide Yogi mean to you?

I am stoked to be a part of the Glide team! As awakened beings it is up to us to be the voice of Mama Earth and to do what we can to help take care of her. Glide’s work to keep our earth healthy and happy is so inspiring and I am excited to be a part of this company with such a great intention. SUP yoga is always so much fun, there is really not much better than being out on the water with sea otters, seals and dolphins watching you practice.


But as a SUP yogi we have a responsibility to promote taking care of our ocean and our planet so that we can continue to have fun and see the amazing wildlife we get to practice with. As a paddle board athlete I am taking that responsibility seriously to promote ocean health in Santa Cruz and California.

Top three songs in your yoga playlist?

DJ Drez-Come Together Slow

Nahko and Medicine for the People-Black as Night

Trevor Hall-Jagadeesha

Favorite Pose(s) for SUP Yoga?


Low lunge-Anjaneyasana


And of course, SAVASANA!!

Best advice for beginner SUP Yoga:

Go with the flow! Let yourself be carried by the motion of the sea, instead of fighting it or trying to remain still, simply relax and let go into the movement. When you let yourself be carried by the waves you find a deep connection to the ocean, and everything becomes much easier and more fun!

Fave post-paddle eats?

Acai bowls!

Words to live by?

Let the sun shine through your heart.

If you could meet any person dead or alive who would it be?

Jane Goodall

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