Jessie Friskney






Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana 


Yoga Background:  I have been a yoga practitioner for about 6 years. I completed my RYT-200 in 2014, but have been teaching for about 2 years. I teach a variety of classes from senior chair yoga to hot vinyasa. Currently I teach at a couple local studios in Indianapolis as well as several corporate classes. 


What Being a Glide Ambassador and SUP Yogi Means to You: I purposely waited to buy my own board until I found the right one for me. I have tried several boards over the years, but never found one that I liked enough to invest in. During my recent training with Amelia at Stoked Yogi, I was able to train on the Glide board, and fell in love. The Glide board is so superior to other yoga-style SUP Boards out there and I want my fellow yogi’s and paddle boarders out there to know. It would be an honor to be a Glide Ambassador because I am promoting a product that I use and recommend. Yoga and being a yoga teacher is such a big part of my life now. I have loved SUP for years but I love being able to combine the two. I enjoy telling people about the sport that are not familiar with it, and like making it accessible to those who are interested. Living in the Midwest, the SUP population is growing, and I look forward to being a part of that growth and expansion. 


What does being a Glide Yogi mean to you? It means I get to do what I love everyday with a product I believe in. 


Top three songs in your yoga playlist? Thunder Road-Bruce Springsteen, Budapest-George Ezra, and Little Red Corvette-Mike Zito version 


Favorite Pose(s) for SUP Yoga? Love inversions and arm balances…headstand, crow, flying pigeon. Also love deep stretches like pigeon, dragon, butterfly. 


Best advice for beginner SUP Yoga: Just give it a try. Most people think it looks too intimidating and don’t want to get on the board. If I can just get them out there, they always love it and come back again. 


Fave post-paddle eats? Umm…it gets hot in Indiana in the summer…so is it bad to say beer? 


Words to live by? Pura Vida-Live your life, do what makes you happy, be good to yourself and others. 


If you could meet any person dead or alive who would it be? Buddha 


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FB: Jessie Williams Friskney

IG: @jessiefriskney,

T: jessiefriskney

Studio Affiliation: Flourish and CITYOGA School of Yoga and Health 


Certifications: PaddleFit Level 1, RYT-200,

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Certification-Stoked Yogi, CPR Certified 


Instagram: @jessiefriskney




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