The Keiki is designed for the smallest of paddler to navigate the waterways. Coated in Glide’s patent-pending GSS coating, this board ready for any abuse a little paddler can muster. At 8’4” x 28” x 18 lbs, the Keiki is a great board for paddlers up to 120 lbs and can be used in surf, flat-water and river play. The Keiki is the most durable SUP on the market and priced to be more affordable than competing boards.









  • Glide's GSS coating for durability for lasting performance
  • USDA certified biomass produced resins guarantee that your child is safe from harmful chemicals and residues
  • Included with the board is a Futures Keel fin
  • FCS 'easy grip' handle helps save little hands from fatigue caused by carrying the board
  • Self regulating vent for zero maintenance thermal venting
  • Full size non-slip deck pad creates maximum grip even wet
  • Kid friendly ultra-light construction



Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
8’4” 28" 3 7/8" 120L 17 lbs



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