Kip Hoffman

Current City: Dubuque, Iowa, on the Mississippi River.


What has been your favorite SUP destination? My favorite SUP trip so far has been to San Diego last winter. Paddling Sunset Cliffs completely alone for hours, catching soft little rollers on the reefs as the tide dropped and a little groundswell came in, then SUP surfing Cardiff for days.
Plans for 2014?  Teaching lessons and leading tours on the Mississippi River through my Big River SUP business, several stops on the Great Lakes WPA race circuit, the Charles City Whitewater comps and lots of surfing behind the Spirit of Dubuque sternwheeler. I'd also like to try to squeeze in some distance by covering a big chunk of the Miss at some point this summer, and hopefully a surf trip.
What do you do when not on the water? When I'm not on the water, my wife and I run a fitness program called Farrell's, where I teach and cross train with fitness kickboxing and strength training classes daily. We have lots of incredible trails on the bluffs along the Mississippi, so longboarding, trail running/hiking and cross country skiing when the River is frozen. My year is also not complete anymore without doing a Tough Mudder - this year will be my 4th.
Favorite Food? Dark chocolate. Food I can't live without? Peanut butter. Even better when combined.
SUP accomplishments- Some of my biggest accomplishments in 2013 were sweeping the Iowa Games SUP races, the launch of Big River SUP and learning to consistently surf the sternwheeler wake.
Favorite Glide Board?
The Mongo, it is such a fun board to surf on and pretty good all around. If I was to recommend a board to any of my friends I would say get an O2 Retro. A inflatable paddle board like the O2 Retro will allow you to try everything the sport has to offer, yoga, white water, surf, flat water. The O2 Retro is the best all around inflatable SUP on the market.