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Leda Olmsted was born and raised in the waterworld of Michigan. She has always had a deep love for being on, in, or near the water. At the age of 16 she discovered the small Great Lakes surf scene and fell madly in love with the sport. She began practicing yoga as a way to compliment her athletic lifestyle, and found it paired perfectly with surfing. She quickly discovered yoga was much more than a physical practice. It changed her.

It was through yoga that she was able to learn that we place our own limitation on ourselves. We are controlled by our thoughts. We are capable of much more than we think, and can achieve our dreams if we believe in ourselves. She traveled to Bali in 2011 to complete her 200 hour yoga teacher training as well as her SCUBA training, becoming a yogi and a mermaid in one amazing trip.  Shortly after returning to the states and beginning to teach yoga, she traveled to California to complete her SUP yoga training, perfectly mending her love of teaching yoga with her love of being on the water.

Teaching SUP yoga came naturally to her and she shines brightest when in her element on the water  sharing her passion with others. After leading SUP yoga classes through three different studios, and being an assistant teacher to a Stoked Yogi training, Leda decided it was time to pursue her dreams and start her own SUP yoga company Fluid SUP. In the first season of starting her business Leda taught hundreds of students on the water. Fluid SUP does not only SUP yoga, but also beginner SUP lessons, SUP adventures and tours, and this year will be hosting a  Stoked Yogi teacher training. In 2014 Leda also began competing in SUP races, and became a Glide Team athlete, as well as an Glide Elite Team Yogi.

In the non-summer months, Leda lives high in the hills of Colorado and copes with being a landlocked mermaid by embracing the adrenaline rush of competing in whitewater SUP races as well as surfing river waves. She feels truly blessed to be living out her dreams, and is grateful to be able to follow her passion and share her love of the water with others.


Current Location: Rocky Mountains//Northern Michigan


Hometown: I consider Leland, MI my hometown. But I was raised in the small farming town of Potterville, MI.


What does being a Glide Yogi mean to you? I feel honored to be a Glide Yogi. It has opened so many doors in my life and allowed me to meet so many amazing like minded people. It inspires me to continue to follow my passions, to keep dreaming up new and exciting ways to push myself to the next level and all with the hope that I can inspire others to do the same along my journey. Being a Glide Yogi mean being a inspiration for a lifestyle that can’t be beat, life is too short to not pursue your dreams. Having access to the best inflatable paddle boards is really an honor.


Top three songs in your yoga playlist? Rama by Earthrise Soundsystem// Crooked Muse by Beats Antique (<


Favorite Pose(s) for SUP Yoga? Headstand. I love seeing the world upside down, turning the water into the sky.


Best advice for beginner SUP Yoga: Picture the board being cut in two down the length of it. Occupy the space evenly on each side of the board. Keeping your hands/feets evenly spaced between the rails and the center line of the board, as well as keeping your center of gravity center from front to back on the board.


Fave post-paddle eats? Currently I’ve been consuming massive amounts of homemade kale salad with spicy thai peanut butter dressing and topped with coconut chips after races.


Words to live by? Live outside your comfort zone!


If you could meet any person dead or alive who would it be? Buckminster Fuller. The man who invented the geodesic dome.


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Facebook: Facebook.com/fluidSUP

Website: Fluid-SUP.com

Instagram: instagram.com/fluid_sup


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