Lindsay Sweet Gardner 2015




Hi!  My name is Lindsay Sweet Gardner and I’m the owner of Sweet Yoga Health and Fitness, a Yoga and Personal Training Studio in Hinesburg VT. I am a UVM educated Nutritionist with a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and Food Sciences. As an experienced Personal Trainer with a medically based degree and as an E-RYT with over 3000 hours of Yoga teaching experience, I strive to give people a personalized session based on their body and their individual needs, on or off the SUP. I LOVE being outdoors and when I’m not living on my boat or SUP-ing around the bay you can find me doing #supsnowga or adventuring in the mountains; hiking, snowboarding, 4-wheeling, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, horseback riding, you name it. If it’s active and fun, I’m there! I am an avid gardener/landscaper and I relish every opportunity to be out in the fresh air.          


Hometown:  Charlotte VT


What does being a Glide Yogi mean to you?

I’ve been keeping my eye out for a paddleboard company to represent for awhile now and I completely fell in love with the Glide vibe. Glide has one of the biggest focuses on SUP Yoga around and their products are all made in the USA. I always try to buy local anyway so to get to represent a company that stands for the same values as I do is so awesome! To be surrounded by like minded Yogis who have the same passion for the sport I have come to love so much makes me feel I’m part of a bigger yoga community, like one big happy SUP Sangha. Plus it means I get to help spread my #SupLove, Glide style, one wave at a time. #madeintheUSA  


Top three songs in your yoga playlist?  

  1.  My breath - The sound of my breath is always the most important “song” to hear when I’m practicing, it’s the song of life. When you are connected to the sound of your breath you are connected to the present moment.  
  2.  “Always in my Head” Coldplay. While I don’t play this type of music in my group classes often, it is usually in my head or on my stereo when I’m doing my own flow sequences. It helps me get creative with my body.  

3.  Krishna Das.  When I’m teaching Krishna Das is my go to Pandora station.  The traditional chanting really helps develop yogic ambiance. People come to a studio to feel the energy of Yoga, to be surrounded by it. Krishna Das helps set that mood. I switch to Dean Evenson station for Savasana or when I want them to focus more on the sound of their breath


Favorite Pose(s) for SUP Yoga?  Headstands!!! Backbends and King Pigeon Pose    

Best advice for beginner SUP Yoga:
Look at the clouds! Enjoy the experience of being on the water with the clouds as your drishti. Feel and hear the water that surrounds you, listen to the birds. Don’t get too caught up in getting your best picture or the perfect pose. Soak up the sun. Laugh. Play. Don’t be afraid to fall in. Try something you’ve never tried on land before. You’ll surprise yourself. Most of all, relax and enJOY! It’s a practice not a perfection.


Fave post-paddle eats?

As a Nutritionist I am big on pre and post training nutrition and I urge people to get protein after they work out. Greek yogurt with some fruit is a great pre or post paddle eat. Remember to never go out for a paddle (or work out) hungry. You need a little blood sugar to perform at your best. Remember you want metabolites from on a meal in your bloodstream, not a big meal in your belly, so do yourself a favor and eat a piece of fruit and a yogurt before you go out on the water or a small meal or snack of some kind. If you had a big breakfast wait an hour or two to digest a bit first. When you get back drink plenty of water, and have some protein and with some fruit or vegetables.  

My go to’s protein packed snacks are: Cottage Cheese and Avocado with sea salt or Greek Yogurt w/Chia Seeds (or granola) and a Banana.


Words to live by? Don’t dwell on the past, don’t focus on the future, be here now and enjoy the present moment while its happening. Memories are made in real time. Savor them while they are happening and take mental note of all your happiness so that you can one day look back and feel you had a life well lived and memories that make you smile.

If you could meet any person dead or alive who would it be?
My Great Great Great Grandmothers. So often we forget to ask our grandparents about their grandparents, and they didn’t have pictures back then. I think it would be amazing to talk to some of our own personal ancestors. I have some Native American history and it would be so special to go back in time and talk to them as young adults, like friends, and see what their lives were like.   

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