Made in the USA

Glide has the largest and greenest SUP factory in the Americas. Nestled in Salt Lake City, Utah, Glide is committed to manufacturing high quality, ultra durable, eco friendly board right here in the USA.

The vast majority of paddle board companies manufacture overseas, and even their employees have never seen a board made from start to finish...  but not Glide. Every member of the Glide team has been to our factory and has hands on knowledge of how the boards are made and the process that is involved, and we can all testify that there is no other SUP company with our commitment to creating eco-friendly, durable, American made boards at a competitive price.

The entire lifecycle of our products—initial design, CAD drawings, cutting EPS blanks on state of the art CNC hot wire machines, staging, shaping, sanding, painting, shipping, everything–all happens in building #14 on South 700 West, smack dab in the center of Salt Lake City. Come visit us and see what the hype is all about - and watch a board made from start to finish.

Why Does Made in the USA matter?

  • Positive working conditions and a commitment to human rights
  • Quality control you can trust - meet the people building your boards
  • Superior communication with responsive designers, shapers, and sales personnel
  • Locally sourced materials and minimized shipping reduce overall carbon footprint
  • Glide SUP sales contribute to the health of the local and national economy
  • Speed and efficiency in production and distribution