Nathan Woods

Current City: Eugene, Oregon
What has been your favorite SUP destination? Willamette River (All 160+ Miles of it)
Plans for 2014: Explore Whitewater SUP and related Events; Eug2Pdx 2014; Some absurd idea with teammate Shane Perrin; PNW Races; Begin Teaching SUP to local community.
What do you do when not on the water?: Plan and Host our Nation's and World's Biggest Track and Field Events; Fly Fish; Root on the Oregon Ducks; Enjoy Pacific Northwest Craft Brews; Keep Standing.
Favorite Food: My Wife's Pasta (and now her ice cream) & Huevos Rancheros
SUP Accomplishments: 160+ Mile Paddle on Willamette River from Eugene to Portland surrounding the 10 year anniversary of a football injury that nearly ended in an amputation. (The whole Story)