Paddle Board Yoga Certification

We love paddle board yoga.

Glide is dedicated to excellence. Whether it's in whitewater, flatwater, surf, or yoga - we aim to provide the best product and most enthusiastic and skilled team riders. When we decided to create a yoga specific paddle board, we went one step further than building the best board the market has ever seen. We also sought out the worlds bendiest, friendliest water-loving yogis to teach us how to use it.

This team of yogis is bringing Paddle Board Yoga certification to cities all over the United States. Glide's certification program brings you the best of both worlds - SUP education and Yoga expertise.

What's Included?

  • SUP Skills: Paddle technique including stroke and maneuvering, board anatomy and handling, entry and exit techniques, caring for your board.
  • Instructing a beginner SUP lesson: launching, stroke technique, anchoring.
  • Weather and water safety: Regulations, local knowledge, rescue techniques and lifesaving skills.
  • Anchor systems: Individual and group
  • Adapting and sequencing asana on the water, including 2 set sequences: beginner and advanced.
  • “Float and Fly” Intro to Acrobatic Partner Yoga workshop
  • Inversion or Beach Yoga workshop
  • Building Your Business: Purchasing and preparing, start up capital, marketing and advertising, web development and software, reaching your audience.
  • Equipment provided for duration of training: Glide Yoga Board, paddle, anchor, and PFD.
  • Gift bag filled with SUP apparel, yoga accessories, and healthy snacks from our partners.

Why choose Glide Paddle Board Yoga certification?

Our goal is to support you from the start. Glide yoga director Amelia Travis has trained over two hundred instructors how to adapt the practice of yoga to the water. Whether hosting a group training at a luxury resort, or leading a private training with an existing retailer, we aim to build your success.

Not only will we make sure you have everything you need to successfully complete training, including PaddleFit certification, WPA, a comprehensive SUP yoga training manual, but we also give you access upon graduation to a wholesale account with Glide SUP. You will leave training ready to start your own business, confident and secure in your ability to teach SUP yoga safely and effectively. In the spirit of yoga, we support your endeavors and aim to help you find your perfect path, enabling you to be yourself, be confident, and spread love through stand up paddle boarding and yoga.

For Retailers and Yoga Studios

This is the year of paddle board yoga. 2015 trends show rapid growth in the field of stand up paddle boarding, and the yoga industry is expanding at an unprecedented rate. With an existing rental business, incorporating paddle board yoga is a great way to broaden your service offerings and reach a new customer - the adventurous yoga practitioner! For studio owners, adding a fleet of stand up paddle boards is the perfect way to take your classes out of the studio and into nature. To read more about what makes SUP yoga so great, click here.

For Yoga Teachers

This hardly needs explanation. You love teaching yoga. You love the water. This is definitely for you. Teaching yoga on the water is an incredible way to connect with nature while expanding your class offerings, and developing your teaching abilities. Without mirrors, music, or a stable surface, you will learn to guide your students to a symphony of waves, birds, breeze and breath as you help them explore the boundaries of their comfort zone. Leading a paddle board yoga class, you will witness students transform from nervous laughter and shaky knees to bold, confident, and empowered warriors on water. As an instructor, you will develop confidence, a great tan, and an ease in changing elements that will transform your studio instruction as well.

Glide offers great support for the yoga teacher who wants to build a paddle board yoga business. From development support to financing options for boards, we want to see you succeed and blossom doing what you love.

For More Information

To get details on upcoming trainings, visit To schedule a training near you, contact Yoga Director Amelia Travis by email at