Shane Perrin

Current City - St. Louis

 What has been you favorite SUP destination? - Florida was really amazing. I sup'd 400 ocean miles in 9 days. Tampa to Key West.  I saw every paddle condition imaginable. It was amazing

 Plans for 2014 - For racing the year holds a Guinness record attempt, a Virgin islands expedition, Eug2Pdx part 2 with Nathan Woods, some Midwest regional races. And the usual, I get crazy ideas for expeditions and just go after them with little planning.
   In Missouri I am concentrating on expanding Glide in the Midwest market
 What do you do when not on the water? - off season I've been spending a lot of time Land paddling. it's an amazing cross trainer. 

 Favorite Food- give me pasta any day but the best is a Hot Pastrami grinder

 SUP accomplishments-
First sup to complete the 300 mile Florida everglades challenge. once finished paddled and extra 100 miles. 400 miles Tampa to Key West
3x finisher of the MR340 via sup (340 miles 2013,2012,2011)
First to complete the Texas Water safari (260 miles) via sup
First sup to complete La Ruta Maya Belize (170 miles)
First sup to complete the CR100 (100 miles texas)