Designed specifically for open water racers who demand a board that will allow them to race in any imaginable conditions. The unique bow shape keeps the nose riding high and piercing through any swell or chop. If water does crash over the top of the bow, the deck is designed to shed water fast and efficiently.
Glide race boards are born out of a background that no other SUP manufacturers’ can lay claim to: our designers’ international race kayak experience. The boards have most of the features that have been proven out over the years in high Olympic flat water racing kayaks. We took this singular knowledge and blended it with input from our team of world-class athletes to create the fastest, most unique race boards on the market. Our race boards are hand crafted using a proprietary laminating process that gives the boards incredible stiffness while keeping their weight an extremely light 26 lbs. The boards are then refined with a race sanded matte finish. The race finish helps to break surface tension and provides a much faster plane than a painted board.


Length Width Thickness Volume Weight Price
12’6” 27 1/2" 6" 250L 23 lbs $1899
14’ 27 1/2" 6" 285L 26 lbs $2199

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