Embark on a Literary SUP Adventure: Top Reads for Paddle Board Enthusiasts

Winter can be a bittersweet season for paddleboard enthusiasts. With your SUP neatly tucked away, the longing for serene waters and the gentle pull of the paddle can feel almost tangible. Fear not, for the world of literature offers a gateway to keep your passion for stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) alive during these colder months. Here's a curated selection of books that will transport you back to your favorite waters, inspire your next paddleboarding adventure, and deepen your appreciation for this exhilarating sport.





1. "The Paddleboard Bible" by David Price

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A must-read for every paddleboarder, David Price's comprehensive guide takes you through the A to Z of SUP, from selecting the right board to mastering advanced paddle techniques. His insights into the flora and fauna encountered on paddle adventures add an enriching layer to the paddleboarding experience. This book is a trove of knowledge, whether you're a novice or a seasoned paddler looking to enhance your skills and safety on the water.

2. "The Art of Stand Up Paddling" by Ben Marcus

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Dive into the history and culture of SUP with Ben Marcus's engaging narrative. With his extensive background in the surf and SUP world, Marcus brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to every page. The inclusion of SUP yoga and breathtaking photography will leave you inspired and eager for the paddle season to commence.


3. "How to Increase Your Stand Up Paddling Performance" by Suzie Cooney

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For those aiming to elevate their SUP game, Suzie Cooney's book is akin to a personal training session with one of the sport's leading figures. Covering everything from balance to body confidence, this book is a goldmine for competitive paddlers and anyone looking to boost their performance on the water.


4. "SUP: Spiritual Understanding & Prayer on a Stand Up Paddleboard" by Lori Bumgarner

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Lori Bumgarner offers a unique perspective on SUP, intertwining spiritual insights with paddleboarding vignettes. This book is a gentle reminder of the deeper connections and reflections that paddleboarding can foster, making it a perfect read for those who view the sport as a meditative escape.


5. "How to Read Water" by Tristan Gooley

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While not exclusive to SUP, Tristan Gooley's guide is invaluable for anyone who spends time on or near water. From understanding wave patterns to decoding the colors of ponds, this book is packed with practical wisdom that could very well save your life.


6. "Diaries of The Unbalanced Paddleboarder: Crash and RISE" by Mike Shoreman

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Mike Shoreman's memoir is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. After a life-altering diagnosis, Shoreman shares his journey from despair to triumph. His story is not only inspiring but also illuminates the therapeutic power of paddleboarding.


7. "Ignore the Fear" by Fiona Quinn

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Fiona Quinn's audacious adventure on an inflatable SUP across the Irish Sea and the length of Britain is nothing short of extraordinary. Her story is a thrilling account of overcoming fears and embracing the unknown, making it a compelling read for adventurers at heart.


Conclusion As you await the return of warmer days, let these books be your paddleboard companions. They offer not just a temporary escape but also the promise of future adventures on the water. And when the time comes to step back onto your board, you'll be armed with new insights, techniques, and an invigorated passion for SUP.

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