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Why Glide?

Durability and Performance. That’s it. What more is anyone really looking for in a paddle board? Glide was founded and run by professional Kayaker turned to SUP that has 20+ years’ experience designing and building a successful watersports company; they started Glide because they couldn’t find any quality, high-performing, durable boards on the market.

Glide started the SUP Yoga phenomenon by designing the industry’s first Yoga specific paddle board which was featured in the WanderLust festivals. Our ultra-durable boards quickly became a #1 choice for rental fleets across the US. Our hard boards utilize our patent-pending GSS (Glide Surface Shield) polymer which allows the boards to absorb 600 times the punishment that a standard epoxy board can handle. We have a whole series on YouTube called “Will it Break Wednesday” where we put our money where our mouth is.

We have brought that same passion to our O2 inflatable paddle board line which utilizes 4 layers of military grade PVC that are integrated using our cutting-edge Fusion technology. With over 33,000 reinforced drop stitches per board, Glide inflatable paddle boards can be inflated to an industry-dominating 25 PSI.

Unlike many other stand-up paddle board companies, we actually own a factory. We know our boards, and with customer feedback we’re always at the drawing board looking for ways to take our product even further. Don’t take our word it, try it for yourself.

Glide Inflatable Paddle Boards

This is not your Grandmother’s Inflatable Paddle Board Technology!

Most inflatable paddle board manufacturers are still using antiquated inflatable paddle board technology that involves a single layer of PVC and a core that uses “knitted drop stitch” technology.  Well this isn’t a sweater that you are going to be paddling out into the elements where unknown obstacle lurk just below the water surface! At Glide, we have created the most utting-edge inflatable paddle board construction available on the market with our Quad Fusion eave (QFW) Tech.  Other inflatable paddle board manufacturers have tried to duplicate the stiffness and durability of our inflatable paddle boards but end up with a heavier, less maneuverable SUP.   To learn more about the superiority of Glide’s inflatable paddle boards, check out our QFW Tech page and learn why the inflatable paddle boards sold by online retailers and big box stores are more pool toy than performance inflatable paddle board. 

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