Inflatable Paddle Boards

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6 products

Highest Quality Inflatable Paddle Boards

All boards are not created equal. Glide uses the most advanced manufacturing process and materials available on the market. All Glide inflatable paddle boards are made using Fusion military-grade PVC construction for the shells. The Glide Fusion process gives our boards a 1300 denier thickness rating on our shell making our boards stiff and more durable than any other boards on the market.

Inside all of our inflatable paddle boards is the secret of why our boards are so much stiffer than the competition. Our boards are built with ultra-reinforced dropstitch:3300g/per square meter, the quantities of thread are 144pcs/per square decimeter. This premium core allows our boards to be inflated to a max of 25PSI. Due to the density of our dropstitch cores are stiffer at lower psi than other brands. We recommend only 12-15PSI for maximum performance. Spend less time pumping and more time paddling.

Our UV stable brushed EVA deck pads are full length and not screen printed. Unlike other brands, we provide a premium full-length deck pad on all of our inflatable paddle boards which is a die cut EVA pad that ensures the colors stay true and will not wear off like a screen printed deck pad.

The High-pressure heat pressed seam creates the airtight seal, which is then covered by an additional layer of military-grade PVC to insure water and airtight durable seam.

All O2 series inflatable paddle boards use a standard USA style fin box. This fin box has been used in the surfing industry for over 50 years and is the standard fin box for almost all longboards and hard stand up paddle boards. You will not have to purchase priority fins as other manufacturers use. With a USA style fin box, you will be able to use any standard longboard fin on the market, this allows you to customize the fin setup for whatever conditions you will be using your board in. Our boards come with a 9” dolphin fin which is a great all-around fin that is suitable for all types of paddling.