Go ahead, drop it. Jump on it. Slide over those river rocks, watch your customers drag them along the sidewalk, use it as a snowboard ramp, piñata, or paintball shield. We did. Our ultra durable SUPs endure the most brutal beatings and stay intact, thanks to our innovative design and solid construction.

Glide’s patent-pending GSS coating, or Glide Surface Shield, is a VOC free polymer that has been developed to create an extremely durable coating that withstands damage caused by rocks, debris, abuse, paddle strikes, and drops. The non polluting ingredients in GSS gives the boards a unique rough texture finish that helps to break the surface tension and decrease the drag that is caused by the polymer’s elasticity. Even with years of normal use, GSS coating will not chip, flake, or fade.

Why Does Ultra Sup Construction Matter?

Protect your investment. Ultra durable Glide boards means less frequent purchases and less strain on your business or personal budget.

Find your edge. Forget worrying about dings or chips, and enjoy exploring wild rivers, rocky beaches, and anywhere else your Glide board can take you.

Secure your rental fleet. Glide’s ultra durable boards are perfect for frequent usage by even the most inexperienced paddlers - which means less stress for the business owner.

Save the planet. Longer board life means less boards filling up our landfills, or being dumped in the ocean.

Care for our waterways. Many epoxy painted boards cancer causing VOCs which can easily chip and flake, polluting our rivers, lakes, and streams. GSS contains NO VOC’s. We love the water. And we act like it.

Will It Break?

We don’t make promises we can’t keep. See for yourself how our committed team of experts keeps pushing the envelope with innovative product testing to assure the durability of your Glide boards.