Accessories and Safety Equipment for Your SUP

Spring is upon us, and it's time to prep your paddling season with some new and improved accessories. We’re going to check out some safety gear necessities and some fun and useful extra pieces of equipment.

The days are getting longer and the water is getting warmer, slightly anyway.

With the Spring Equinox upon us it’s time to start getting the paddle gear ready for some adventure.

We’re going to check out some safety gear necessities and some fun and useful extra pieces of equipment. Because who doesn’t like new gear?

Let’s start with the basics:

Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

There are many types of PFD's which you can learn more about here.

First, we want to make sure we have a Coast Guard approved PFD to stay safe and legal in many paddling areas.

Make sure the PFD is properly fitted and doesn’t show any signs of wear and tear, especially on the buckles. So in case you do need help staying afloat, your PFD will be able to do its job correctly.

If a big bulky PFD isn’t your style, there are some thin profile designs that will meet legal requirements and not impede your paddling stroke.

These belt style PFD’s are great for experienced paddlers that feel confident in their ability to stay out of the water and will only need to deploy them in rare circumstances.

The device is CO2 activated by a pull cord which inflates the PFD to place around your neck. There are some disadvantages such as visibility and the necessity to deploy and get the ring around your neck, but if used properly it will definitely keep your head above water.



Another key safety feature to inspect each season is your SUP leash.

There a many designs but in the end all that counts is that it keeps your paddleboard close in the event you fall in. This is especially important in rivers and ocean surf where the tide or current will whisk your board away in seconds.

Check for any damage on the cord itself and make sure the Velcro straps and swivels are all intact and solid. It’s a simple yet very important piece of safety equipment and one that can be off of your mind with a simple inspection.

If you need a new functional and affordable leash check ours.

glide SUP Leash


If you currently own an inflatable SUP, one of the most valuable tools we have had the chance to use is the triple action SUP pump. Gone are the laborious days of huffing and puffing your board up. This pump will make getting your board to optimal PSI a breeze, saving your energy to use paddling instead of wasting it on the beach. It’s somewhat costly, but if you’re constantly inflating and deflating, it will be a valuable investment.

Triple Action SUP Pump

Now that your board and gear accessories are in order, it’s time to get out the map and see where your paddle season adventures should begin.


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