How to get onto your sup.

In this article, we are going to look at some basics on getting onto your sup. We will look at how to do so when launching your paddle board, as well as how to get back onto the stand-up paddle board if you have fallen or jumped off while paddle boarding.

When launching your paddle board.

Start with the nose of the stand-up paddle board facing the shore. Next, you will want to place your paddle on the paddle board and if paddle boarding with a dog have them get on at this stage as well. Walk the paddle board backward into the water and when the nose of the board can float it is time to get onto the board, remain on your knees, and paddle away from shore. Once you are in a little deeper water you can turn the paddle board and then slowly rise to your feet.

I like to get to the carry handle and then slowly stand at this point, you can use the paddle to brace with if you want.

After falling off or jumping off your paddle board.

sup yoga,fishing gear and a sandy beach does it get better, inflatable sups are great beginner stand up sup adventure options start on a flat body of water in shallow water that is not to shallow and practice standing while maintain balance and take a few strokes with feet parallel, stay balanced as your core muscles get a killer workout you will get a full body workout

To start, you will want to grab the carry handle and then reach the rail furthest from you. Once you grip both, let your legs float out behind you and kick while pulling yourself up on the board. If your board is stable enough and you have the arm strength you may be able to simply pull yourself up on the board and slither like a snake until you are on top of the paddle board.

personal flotation device should always be worn on a sup board, in standing position take the sup paddle and paddle forward alternating sides this a basic paddle technique, you can place one foot forward to wards the board's nose if that helps, use a reverse sweep stroke to turn.

If paddle boarding with a dog, to recover them get onto your knees or a stable position and use the handle on top of their life jacket. If the life jacket does not have a handle you may need to use the life jacket and get under it or lay down and scoop your pup up.

paddle boarding tips such as knees slightly bent with toes pointed forward hip width distance and more on the blog, inflatable paddle boards great for any stand up paddle boarding.

Get wet and have fun!

Getting off your paddle board and relaxing is some of the fun and memorable parts of paddle boarding, let us know about your first time trying to get back on to your paddle board at #glidesup on Instagram. For a more detailed article on the subject check out this article.