Tips on Planning a Multi-Day SUP Trip

Embarking on a multi-day SUP (stand-up paddle boarding) journey is an exhilarating way to explore nature's serenity, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you're navigating down a meandering river or exploring the vastness of a tranquil lake, SUP camping offers an unparalleled experience. To streamline your planning process and enhance safety, we've compiled essential tips for a memorable SUP camping trip.

Key Highlights

  1. Careful Route Planning: Emphasizing the importance of a detailed itinerary, including the acquisition of permits and the use of maps for safety and navigation.
  2. Safety Measures: The critical practice of sharing your route and expected return with someone off-trip to ensure safety.
  3. Shuttle System Mastery: Tips for efficient river trip logistics, including vehicle placements and key management to facilitate the return journey.
  4. Whitewater Gear Strategy: Advising on the use of pack rafts for gear during whitewater sections to enhance safety and board performance.
  5. Leave No Trace Principles: Highlighting environmental responsibility through adherence to eco-friendly practices during the trip.
  6. Packing Essentials and Backups: Outlining must-have items and backups, such as extra paddles, PFDs, and repair kits for inflatable boards.
  7. Choosing the Right SUP Equipment: Recommending durable and performance-oriented SUP gear, like the Glide Inflatable Paddle Board, for adventurers.

Plan Your Route Carefully

A well-thought-out route is your blueprint for adventure. It ensures you stay on course and enhances safety by preventing you from getting lost.

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Safety Tip: Always share your planned route and camping spots with your companions and a contact back home. This ensures someone always knows your whereabouts.

Utilize available maps or print topographical ones from the internet. Mark potential camping sites and ensure they're feasible with your SUP's carrying capacity. Integrating these spots into your GPS can be a game-changer for navigation.

Remember, some areas might require permits. Securing these not only aids in conservation efforts but also informs local authorities of your presence, crucial in case of emergencies.

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Master the Shuttle System

For river trips, coordinating a shuttle is vital. This step ensures your return journey is seamless. Strategize car placements and key exchanges to avoid logistical hiccups. Whether you choose to stash keys at the pullout location or carry them with you, ensure their safety to avoid being stranded.

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Gear Considerations for Whitewater

Whitewater sections present unique challenges. Consider a pack raft to offload gear from your SUP, minimizing the risk of loss or damage. Even with durable boards like the Lochsa, optimized for whitewater, balancing load and maneuverability is key.

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Embrace Leave No Trace Principles

Preserving the natural beauty of riparian ecosystems is a responsibility for all adventurers. Adhering to Leave No Trace principles, such as packing out waste and minimizing campfire impacts, is non-negotiable. Familiarize yourself with these guidelines to ensure your adventure is both enjoyable and eco-friendly.

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Pack Essential Gear (and Backups)

The unforeseen can and does happen. Equip your group with extra paddles, PFDs (personal flotation devices), and ensure multiple members have map access. Inflatable paddle boards should always be accompanied by their patch kits for quick repairs.



Preparing for a multi-day SUP trip might seem daunting, but with the right approach, it transforms into an exciting prelude to adventure. These tips are designed to make your planning process smoother, ensuring you can focus on the joy of exploration. For those yet to select their trusty SUP companion, consider the Glide Inflatable Paddle Board – renowned for its durability and performance. Dive deeper into the world of SUP camping and make your next adventure the best yet! Check out this story on SUP camping from one of our customers.

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