Embarking on a Paddle Boarding Odyssey with the 02 Lotus Inflatable Yoga SUP

Paddling the best inflatable sup yoga board!

Glide Lotus, the best inflatable yoga paddle board.

Today I am going to take out dedicated yoga board paddle boarding, and possibly to a yoga session. This going to be our inflatable yoga sup. If you are looking for a good yoga board this is the one for you. The Glide 02 Lotus and Lotus are the best yoga boards on the market. These stable boards will make doing your yoga routine a breeze for any sup yoga session you may want to try. No yoga mat is needed with this board's full-length deck pad.

Today's adventure begins with an eager heart and my 02 Lotus Inflatable Yoga SUP, as I set my sights on the serene waters of Bloomington Lake and possibly Bear Lake. The thrill of discovery pulses through me as I anticipate a day filled with paddleboarding bliss and yoga tranquility.

Bloomington Lake: A Paddle Boarder's Paradise

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Nestled among towering cliffs and cascading waterfalls, Bloomington Lake is a hidden gem, perfect for those who seek a peaceful paddle boarding experience. The journey to this glacial lake, surrounded by summer wildflowers, requires a hike, making the 02 Lotus Inflatable Yoga SUP an essential companion for its portability and ease of access.

As dawn breaks, the lake's glassy surface reflects the surrounding beauty, inviting me to launch my SUP and glide across its clear waters. The 02 Lotus proves to be a marvel of stability, making it my go-to board for yoga sessions amidst nature's splendor. Today, it transforms the lake into my personal yoga studio, where I flow from pose to pose, grounded by the board's reassuring steadiness.

As the day unfolds, the lake becomes a gathering place for fellow paddle boarders and yoga enthusiasts. I'm reminded of the camaraderie within the paddle boarding community as I offer my 02 Lotus to a group lacking stable yoga boards. Their gratitude is palpable, reinforcing the joy of sharing and the bond formed through shared experiences on the water.

Bear Lake: The Vast Waters Await

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The journey continues to Bear Lake, a vast expanse of water straddling the borders of Idaho and Utah. Known for its size and the potential for challenging conditions, it demands a SUP that is both stable and capable of long-distance performance. The 02 Lotus Inflatable Yoga SUP, with its exceptional design, is more than up to the task, proving its versatility beyond yoga to flat water adventures and ocean paddling.

Launching from the Idaho shore, I set out toward Utah, the lake's breadth offering a new perspective on distance and determination. Along the way, interactions with nature, fellow paddle boarders, and watercraft add layers to the day's adventure, each moment building upon the last to create a tapestry of experiences.

Arriving in Garden City, the ease of transporting the lightweight 02 Lotus becomes apparent. It not only serves as my vessel across the water but also as a comfortable rest spot to savor lunch and reflect on the journey thus far. The day's end finds me back on the water, riding the afternoon winds and navigating through the waves, a testament to the board's durability and performance.

Reflections on a Day Well-Spent

As the sun sets over Bear Lake, I pause to appreciate the beauty of the day's end and the adventures that unfolded. The 02 Lotus Inflatable Yoga SUP has been my steadfast companion, facilitating moments of peace, excitement, and connection with both nature and fellow paddle boarders.

Whether you're exploring serene lakes, engaging in SUP yoga, or embarking on long-distance paddles, the 02 Lotus offers an unparalleled experience. I invite you to share your own paddle boarding adventures with us at #glidesup on Instagram. Let's celebrate the places that call to us and the boards that take us there.

This journey through tranquil waters and shared experiences encapsulates not just a day of paddle boarding but the essence of why we paddle. With every stroke, we discover not only the world around us but also the strength and peace within. Happy paddling to all who find solace and adventure on the water.