A day with the 02 Lotus Inflatable Yoga Sup

Paddling the best inflatable sup yoga board!

Glide Lotus, the best inflatable yoga paddle board.

Today I am going to take out dedicated yoga board paddle boarding, and possibly to a yoga session. This going to be our inflatable yoga sup. If you are looking for a good yoga board this is the one for you. The Glide 02 Lotus and Lotus are the best yoga boards on the market. These stable boards will make doing your yoga routine a breeze for any sup yoga session you may want to try. No yoga mat is needed with this board's full-length deck pad.


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Today I am going to start out at Bloomington lake, and then Bear lake. Although that may change as the day goes on.

Bloomington Lake.

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This small glacial lake is an ideal spot to paddle board and get in a yoga session. During the summer wildflowers surround this crystal clear lake, set among soaring cliffs and waterfalls. A hike is required that makes inflatable paddle boards the way to when visiting this lake.

I had the lake to myself when I first arrived, the water was clear and glassy as the sun slowly lit up the lake. I launched the yoga sup and paddled around the lake just relaxing and taking in the beauty of the area. I am always pleasantly surprised at what a stable board the 02 Lotus is. The Lotus yoga paddleboards are definitely my favorite yoga sups. After a short time on the lake, I decided it was time for practicing yoga. As the yoga session went on and I loosened up it was time to paddle board over to where the rope swing is for some fun under the sun.

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As the day went on people started to hit the lake, a lot just sticking to the water near shore and a few hitting the rope swing. Eventually, a few paddle boarders showed up and a small group to do some sup yoga sessions. The first group had no dedicated yoga boards other than the instructor's yoga sup board, some of them did not have a stable board as witnessed while they went through yoga poses and then into the water.

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While the group continued to practice yoga on their inflatable paddle boards I continued to enjoy the calm water of the lake and eventually decided to explore some of the hiking trails in the area dogs are allowed as well at the lake and on the trails. I let the group know as I passed they were welcome to use my board if they wanted a stable platform to help with maintaining balance during their sup yoga session. And to just leave the board on the shore when they were done.

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When I returned to the lake I found my yoga board carefully secured on the shore as the instructor did some recreational paddling. I decided to take another turn on the rope swing to cool down and think about heading to Bear Lake. I decided to do one more paddle on this amazing lake before I headed out. As I leisurely paddled I was joined by the instructor and answered her questions on the inflatable paddleboard. She thanked me for letting the first-class use the board and let me know the student who used it was impressed at how well the board performed on the lake and once he made it back to the sup yoga class.

On to Bear Lake.

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For those who are not familiar with the lake, Bear Lake is massive with waters both in Idaho and Utah. The lake is 20 miles long and over seven miles wide, with a depth of over 200 feet. Large waves are common on the lake when the wind kicks up. A stable sup board, that has great performance and can handle going long distances is recommended unless you are going to stick close to shore in a limited area. Luckily the 02 Lotus inflatable sup yoga board is an incredible paddle board that is up for any flat water adventure you want to do, or ocean paddling. The dedicated yoga paddleboard is designed so well that it is not limited to simply being a sup yoga paddle board.

At the launch site, I decided to go with the electric pump so I could get on this impressive lake faster. And pondering about bringing the inflatable sup fishing board back to the lake. Bear Lake is an ideal spot for the 02 Angler.

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I started on the Idaho side of the lake and planned on paddle boarding to the Utah side. Food was starting to sound good and I planned on paddle boarding the 11 miles by car, not sure how much shorter the route is by going over the surface of the lake.

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Paddleboarding to Garden city was a fun trip, jet skiers and motor boaters were crusing past sending wakes my way to play on. While certain sections of the shore had swimmers and paddle boards enjoying the cool waters. Birds were common along the way. This was truly a perfect day to be on the water and I was glad to be on such a perfect inflatable stand-up paddle board.

I made it to Garden city and started to head into town carrying my lightweight board. I wound up at Zips, an east walk up E 75 N that also has a convenient path to the beach. Or at least it is an easy walk with a lightweight board, not sure it would be with other brands, of inflatable boards. The Glide lotus with its full length deck pad also made a relaxing seat to enjoy lunch on.

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After lunch, I spent a little time paddle boarding around the beach before realizing I should head out further in the lake. And then head back to where I left the truck. On the paddle back the after-noon winds started to pick up, helping push me toward the launch site, while producing large waves.

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Whitecaps could be seen on some of the waves, indicating a wind of 10 knots or better. The shore along Bear Lake can be rocky, and you will be grateful for an ultra-durable paddle board, other sections are sandy beaches where other brands could be safe even some budget yoga boards.

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Back at the truck it was time to take a break and wait for sunset to set over the lake before driving home.

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Where did you paddle board today? Let us know at #glidesup on Instagram.