Common Oversights in Preparing for Paddle Boarding & The Top 5 Forgotten Items for a Day on the Water.

Paddle boarding has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years. As novices and seasoned paddlers alike take to the waters, there are common mistakes and oversights that can transform an enjoyable day on the water into a challenging experience. Here, we will address the most common things people forget to do when preparing to paddle board and also identify the top 5 items often left behind.

Common Things People Forget to Do When Preparing to Paddle Board.

1. Checking Weather and Water Conditions:

One of the biggest mistakes is neglecting to check the day’s weather forecast and water conditions. Wind, tides, and currents can significantly impact your paddle boarding experience. Going out on a windy day can make paddling more strenuous, and strong currents can carry you further from your starting point than anticipated.

2. Not Understanding Local Regulations and Etiquette:

Different water bodies may have specific regulations and etiquette when it comes to paddle boarding. Some areas might require life jackets be worn while some places may let you get by with having a life jacket on the SUP. Similarly, there might be unwritten rules of etiquette when it comes to sharing space with other water sports enthusiasts. It's crucial to research and familiarize oneself with these before heading out. Here is a good starting point.

3. Letting People Know Where You Are Going and When You Plan to Be Back:

One of the basic safety protocols that's often overlooked is notifying a friend or family member about your plans. This should include where you intend to paddle, an estimated time of return, and any other relevant details. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, having someone who knows your whereabouts can be vital for your safety.

4. Skipping Warm-Up:

Like any physical activity, warming up before you start can help prevent muscle strains. Stretching your arms, legs, and back can make your paddle boarding session more enjoyable.

5. Forgetting to Attach the Leash:

The leash is a safety feature that keeps the paddle board attached to you if you fall off. Without it, you could end up separated from your board, especially in strong currents.

The 5 Most Common Things People Forget to Pack for a Day of Paddle Boarding

1. Hydration and Snacks:

Paddle boarding is a full-body workout, and it’s easy to get dehydrated or hungry. Always pack a water bottle and some energy-boosting snacks. Ensure they're stored in waterproof bags or containers.

2. Sun Protection:

hat on a paddleboard

The reflection off the water can amplify the sun's rays. Many people remember sunscreen but forget other essentials like a hat, sunglasses, and UV protective clothing. Remember to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours, especially after getting wet. and make sure the sunscreen you are using is certified reef safe, no matter where you are paddle boarding.

3. Personal Floatation Device (PFD):

While it might seem like overkill to some, especially in calm waters, a PFD is a vital safety tool. In many regions, it's also a legal requirement. For more information on PFDs & Life Jackets check out this article.

4. Waterproof Bag or Dry Sack:

Even if you’re an expert paddler, there’s always a chance of getting wet. Packing valuables like your phone, keys, and wallet in a waterproof bag can save you a lot of grief.

5. First Aid Kit:

Small injuries can happen, like cuts or scrapes from sharp rocks or shells. Having a basic first aid kit, including antiseptics and band-aids, is essential.


Proper preparation for paddle boarding can mean the difference between a rewarding day on the water and a potentially dangerous situation. It's always best to over-prepare, ensuring safety and enjoyment. By keeping in mind the commonly forgotten tasks and items listed above, you’re setting yourself up for a great paddle boarding experience. And if you ask Ekko he would say the 6th most common thing people forget is the dog.

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